New Super Mario Bros. - Overworld Theme Acapella

Here's my acapella version of the wonderful and often-requested New Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme!
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I'll admit it - I completely skipped the DS back when it came out. I was super into PC gaming at that point, and my only exposure to the handheld was from a room mate and a few kids that my mom would watch sometimes. Fast forward to about two months ago, where I go on a bit of a DS-games-I-never-played binge. This was one of the games I picked up, and it's just great! A classic, with an amazing classic Mario soundtrack! Hopefully all the people who requested this song enjoy this, and I have to's great to be back making music!
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  1. festus ewere

    festus ewere10 minutes ago

    That's great

  2. BowserJr68

    BowserJr682 hours ago

    This takes me back

  3. minus A

    minus A3 hours ago

    this is made of PA

  4. Phoenixesper1

    Phoenixesper19 hours ago

    The cat is like "I thought we put all this behind us. God damn it I'm too old for this shit....wheres the new cat?! I'm retiring to the pile of shoe boxes in the closet!"

  5. Arash

    Arash12 hours ago

    1:13 The Bah's are synced with Mario's jumps

  6. Xanica Rose

    Xanica Rose16 hours ago




    Este es el mejor youtuver

  8. little red panda

    little red panda16 hours ago

    Is this copyrighted??

  9. JackHall

    JackHall17 hours ago

    The legend has returned

  10. Richard Munsch

    Richard Munsch18 hours ago

    Brings me back to playing Mario on magic mushrooms.

  11. Bobuks0

    Bobuks018 hours ago


  12. Antoine Fréchette

    Antoine Fréchette18 hours ago

    Its soo great to have you back!! That vid just made my day bro 😃😸👌

  13. AppleDew_2005

    AppleDew_200519 hours ago

    Glad to see u back

  14. FirePower

    FirePower19 hours ago

    I can't imagine how long it took to practice. Keep up the good work👍

  15. Dante Maggitti

    Dante Maggitti19 hours ago

    Yay your back

  16. Cerax83

    Cerax8320 hours ago

    here... again... *lol*... how do you do that?... can U teach me? O.O...

  17. Sondos Mohammed

    Sondos Mohammed20 hours ago

    Can you do many acapellas about Mario kart games again? for example do Rosalina's ice world..

  18. Diamond_10

    Diamond_1020 hours ago

    Now I imagine all the enemies having seizures due to all the "bah"

  19. Bizzy

    BizzyDay ago

    Me: being in class My last Braincells:

  20. Loading

    LoadingDay ago

    YOU'RE FINALLY BACK. I'm so glad. I just enjoy your content so much. You've been a part of my childhood and I love that. Keep it up man

  21. ChaosRayZero

    ChaosRayZeroDay ago

    So nobody's gonna talk about how that death at 2:42 _was perfectly timed to the music?_

  22. J E

    J EDay ago

    The legend returns and sounds as amazing as ever. Thanks for the video Smooth!

  23. JNguyen

    JNguyenDay ago

    Smooth McGroove: Got His Groove Back

  24. Omission

    OmissionDay ago

    7 years and he still has the cat

  25. Ibeatganon4fun

    Ibeatganon4funDay ago

    I've missed singing along with Groove to my favorite video game tracks.

  26. ScotchMcCoy

    ScotchMcCoyDay ago

    Watch this at 0.75x speed. Trust me It's sick

  27. malc7440 malc7440

    malc7440 malc7440Day ago


  28. Tamara Espinal

    Tamara EspinalDay ago

    This made me cry happy tears. ThangQ.

  29. Hilpeä Lölli

    Hilpeä LölliDay ago

    Good to Have you back

  30. Μιχάλης Τσίλιας

    Μιχάλης ΤσίλιαςDay ago

    I love this game because I have it and I just wanna say thank u :)

  31. JabZ

    JabZ2 days ago

    Welcome back Smooth, we've missed you

  32. Racoons?

    Racoons?2 days ago


  33. 見倣いタナトス ゚

    見倣いタナトス ゚2 days ago


  34. Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin'

    Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin'2 days ago

    funny music man comes back and we're all happy

  35. LadyLilith64

    LadyLilith642 days ago

    Everyone's talking about Acapella Jesus being back, but we need to acknowledge the fact that the cat's still alive and still super chill.

  36. Marquinha Improvisado 2

    Marquinha Improvisado 22 days ago

    YOU BACK!!!!

  37. Farilayox Fx

    Farilayox Fx2 days ago

    The lord returns!!!

  38. Giovanni Nigro

    Giovanni Nigro2 days ago

    Smooth is back :D

  39. LupLok

    LupLok2 days ago


  40. MSM235

    MSM2352 days ago

    I feel like this is one of, if not the, perfect song to choose as the first song after recovering and coming back to USloft. The song itself is supposed to sound like a fresh and new yet familiar and nostalgic beginning to the 2D Mario games (Somewhat ironic when you consider it's more than half as old as the original was when New Soup first came out and people like me find the game itself to be nostalgic on its own), and your channel has; in a way; come to a new beginning now that you've overcome your kidney disease and returned after years. Thank you for all the great songs you've given us and I can't wait to see more.

  41. ჶ Troopa3xd ჶ

    ჶ Troopa3xd ჶ2 days ago

    This one is my favourite game of all time

  42. Purgeot

    Purgeot2 days ago

    Speed x1.5. 100 seconds left

  43. お金は大事_Money is important

    お金は大事_Money is important3 days ago

    なっつwww あとNewマリはW2-3が一番すき

  44. お金は大事_Money is important

    お金は大事_Money is important3 days ago


  45. Laura Mansfield

    Laura Mansfield3 days ago

    Any plans for more Zelda? Goron city???

  46. lucaslolz

    lucaslolz3 days ago

    The man, the legend, he's back!

  47. Sélim Ladhem

    Sélim Ladhem3 days ago

    Love you and your cat, hope you're doing great!

  48. BILL XRL

    BILL XRL3 days ago

    The year is saved

  49. Lpking 5

    Lpking 53 days ago

    he's back

  50. Guy45X

    Guy45X3 days ago

    Nintendo has no need to make the sounds anymore, just write sheet music and this man has the job done

  51. JRayV20

    JRayV203 days ago

    The way he sings the crescendo in this song is so inspiring my god.

  52. Noah Martin

    Noah Martin3 days ago

    I've never played this game, and never heard this song before, but I already know your version is better. It's great to see you back making music.

  53. DaBunne

    DaBunne3 days ago

    dam catchy tune

  54. Hazzah !

    Hazzah !3 days ago

    Fuh da puh puh.

  55. Kwispey

    Kwispey3 days ago

    This is extremely upbeat. Even more so than the original song. Love it and glad to see you are back!

  56. ralphyman

    ralphyman3 days ago

    So good to have you back, man!

  57. Juan Nicolas

    Juan Nicolas3 days ago


  58. A-B.Music, 【V好き.初心者】

    A-B.Music, 【V好き.初心者】3 days ago

    Very cool!!!

  59. 落とし神P otoshigamiP

    落とし神P otoshigamiP4 days ago


  60. Applecake the Fruity Reploid

    Applecake the Fruity Reploid4 days ago

    The cat is back! This is a pog moment.

  61. Srock

    Srock4 days ago

    HE'S BACK!!

  62. Kyle Blackburn

    Kyle Blackburn4 days ago

    The Return of the King

  63. Nick

    Nick4 days ago

    Your cat is super cute

  64. Yoshida Babies

    Yoshida Babies4 days ago

    Clicked on thumbs up before the music started because I knew this was gonna be good! I swear the complex interlude at 1:29 is better than the original, you really nailed it there, you’re a genius SmoothMcGroove!!

  65. domino866

    domino8664 days ago

    I love your videos, I sure wish you could do the price is right theme.

  66. Mr.Oloski

    Mr.Oloski4 days ago

    The Return of the King

  67. Olivia Sheehan

    Olivia Sheehan4 days ago

    Its so full of energy. I love it

  68. FZuloaga

    FZuloaga4 days ago

    Your voice is awesome and the work you do too but your hair and beard are looking better. Welcome back, dude!

  69. Oliver Garrett

    Oliver Garrett4 days ago

    I have a ds lite and I play that Mario ds game

  70. Jocelino Nascimento

    Jocelino Nascimento4 days ago

    how many years, and the master of the acapella is back

  71. Ethan

    Ethan4 days ago

    POV: You let the sheep watch a Mario Lets play

  72. Nemo-Morfo

    Nemo-Morfo4 days ago

    Ha vuelto y más fresco que nunca

  73. Arveen

    Arveen4 days ago

    pikmin music pls!!!!!! pikmin end results music!!!!! would be perfect for your voice!!!

  74. Will Phillips

    Will Phillips4 days ago

    1:34 CAT TIME

  75. Will Phillips

    Will Phillips4 days ago

    The mario men in the bottom corners stare a little too deeply into my soul

  76. Crazymic84

    Crazymic845 days ago

    Wir lieben dich hier in Deutschland! We love you!

  77. Danilo Francesco Romano

    Danilo Francesco Romano5 days ago

    Awesome :)

  78. Shadox Luminus Au poivre

    Shadox Luminus Au poivre5 days ago


  79. Vaporeon 344

    Vaporeon 3445 days ago

    He’s back! He’s back! HE DID THE THING!

  80. Telangninja!

    Telangninja!5 days ago

    New Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld Theme: Actually Really Good Version

  81. Dwayne秀一

    Dwayne秀一5 days ago


  82. バルドル

    バルドル5 days ago

    Oh! I am very happy to see your Acapella again! !!

  83. Ashton

    Ashton5 days ago


  84. Leon Skipsky

    Leon Skipsky5 days ago

    Really missed you bro, I’ve been listening for years and I’m sooooo glad you’re making fresh stuff. People always turn heads when I listen and they might not get it!

  85. 王嵐

    王嵐5 days ago

    So glad that you return !

  86. PC Hound

    PC Hound5 days ago

    It's Jesus and his cat!

  87. Redshi1515

    Redshi15155 days ago

    🥲 beautiful

  88. うちゅうふくです

    うちゅうふくです5 days ago


  89. Vuk Opačić

    Vuk Opačić5 days ago

    He's mcgroovin' once again

  90. Osfolt

    Osfolt5 days ago

    Real debate here, is he saying "Bah" or "Pah" ?

  91. Lycanthromancer

    Lycanthromancer5 days ago

    "Hi, what's your name?" "Papa papa papa--!" "Well, if you insist..."

  92. Arveen

    Arveen5 days ago

    don't call it a comeback

  93. Frog Guru

    Frog Guru5 days ago


  94. michele witham

    michele witham5 days ago

    can you do bowser fury pls do this

  95. psovegeta

    psovegeta5 days ago

    Anytime I hear this song, I think of that video by Minus8

  96. phantom2089

    phantom20895 days ago

    So excellent to see such a breath of fresh air so to speak while going through this pandemic. So good to see you alive and well man!

  97. xSoporific

    xSoporific5 days ago

    Thanks for this, sounds heavenly

  98. Mike MEME

    Mike MEME5 days ago

    He should do Five Nights At Freddy’s theme

  99. Bez Oznaught

    Bez Oznaught5 days ago

    glad to see you're not dying anymore

  100. phenicia 10

    phenicia 105 days ago

    i love it ! x) ♥

  101. Turt

    Turt5 days ago

    I recommend trying out 1.25x speed