Minecraft, But Smelting Gives OP Items...

Minecraft, But Smelting Gives OP Items... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game, but smelting gives op items and enchantments! this idea was inspired by @Wisp's "Minecraft, But Villagers Trade OP Items" video, except I put my own twist on it!
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    Ur welcome 🎉

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    Angelique Kooijman21 hour ago

    wana have a tip? make with hoppers an automatic smelter its op

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    u deserve it

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    i am your first subs

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    I’ve been watching you without a USloft account since you had 100 subs but I got a account so I’ve subbed keep up the good work 🔥🔥❤️❤️

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    *smelt the parrot.*

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    Those pants were curse of biding

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    Who here thinks probably like 60 percent of us have subbed but he just always says only 10 percent of us subbed

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    If i tricked you pin me. ...Read more

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    You should give credit to tapL for the intro

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    You sound like you are sick

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    I was here before 600k but I didn’t comment so

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    dude u missed an ancient debris

  18. xXultimate309

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    I am not blaming here but u said u wanted an ancient debris? 12:41

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    I almost mistook your piercing 9 into pissing nines.

  26. Kloxor

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    Love these videos

  27. lin mark

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    *smelting gives you op items* also silver: *will i beat minecraft?*

  28. Jake Lyttle

    Jake Lyttle21 hour ago

    How have only 10% subscribed

  29. Tidak Perlu Tau

    Tidak Perlu TauDay ago

    12:44 you missed a debris -_-

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    LOL HE TRYED to be wisp lmao

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    Me: watching this video realizing it was 2 weeks ago.Silver Thank you for 500K :me seeing silver at 700k now

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    If 90% didn't subscribe then how did you pass 500k

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    Ok 90% not subscribed is kind of a stretch buddy chill

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    the way he says toss is so asmr for me

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    I just relised ex is 69 🤣🤣🤣

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    Mans just copied @wisp with the intro.

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    Walmart wisp but nice vid man!

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    Ha 69 xp at the start

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    Minecraft but silver is the best chef

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    0:37 🐼😍😍😍

  45. thanu

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    U left the parrot

  46. Alamdar Hadi

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    Silver inside the jungle temple there is a secret inside

  47. Incription_ _

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    12:42 tha- thats an ancient debris right?

  48. Hatefull

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    bro wtf i remember playing blitz with you and you said im going to start youtube less then 1k now i look man has 711k i was like bro this really him? after 5/6 years

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    Is it just me or did he miss a nethorite just in a chest

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    i remember where you had like 300k or 400k when u had ur 12th upload

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    Silver are u friend of wisp?

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    Put more emotions when you speak otherwise it’s just bland

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    I’m sad this got 2000 dislikes

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    bro ive never seen some 1 grow so fast doing Minecraft lol good job keep it up

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    He trapped the parrot nooo

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    wait blast furnace cook foods? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    To juz wiemy od kogo dealerke ściąga mody

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    but... your diamond leggings had curse of binding how did you remove them to turn them into netherite?

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    Me getting annoyed cuz he didnt get the ancient debris: WTHHHHH THE ANCIENT DEVBRIS😤😠

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    I just very cirius i dont hate you but sub bot

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    Loved it when you did manhunt but now..it's just... boring...stuff that is already done by other youtubers and it is not even entertaining

  92. Fraud

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    U missed the ancient debris in the chest 12:40 :D it was at the left

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    00:01 ist this a afk arena add? XDDDD

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    The thumbnail looks visually pleasing

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