Kevin Gates - Beat Box (Freestyle)

Kevin Gates -
'Only The Generals Part II' OUT NOW!
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  1. Smitty Herbz

    Smitty Herbz32 minutes ago

    Ayyyy Killed it again ❤️❤️❤️


    SOLID & LINDSEY LIZ7 hours ago


  3. PJ Kicks

    PJ Kicks10 hours ago

    "Gangstaand and a gentlemen humble when out in public" "As long as you respectful wont demonstrate if you bump me" "Detox my liver and my kidney, milk thistle and dandelion, new Cameros parked in front the duplexes on Brandywine", "generator just ran outta gas we under candlelight" Mack 11 just like Florida Evans, just be dynamite, having us a Good Time in the projects with that China White"💪💪💪💪 GOT NO BEEF OUT HERE! I KNOW HOW TO CANCEL MIIIINE! YOU AINT WIT IT STAY INSIDE ME?! I'M GOIN HANDLE MIIIINE!....🎶SAAAAAAAAMUUUURAAAAAIIIIIIII!!!🎵BREEEAD WINNNNER SAMURAI🎶

  4. Romeyo Forbes

    Romeyo Forbes11 hours ago

    Dis beat getting passed around like a white girl on friday night💀

  5. Jo Moore

    Jo Moore11 hours ago

    It's got that ihop vibe to it and I fucks w it (Also if you don't know what ihop is don't claim to be a gates fan)

  6. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler13 hours ago

    Rubbers hurt nigga

  7. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler13 hours ago


  8. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler13 hours ago

    Cancel mine

  9. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler13 hours ago

    Cause it’s to close to call understand

  10. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler13 hours ago

    Sleepy still

  11. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler13 hours ago

    Tatted bad not my life

  12. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler13 hours ago

    This a good song I’m sorry for listen to music I fin ply blink 145

  13. Rell Simon

    Rell Simon15 hours ago

    Mac 11 just like Florida Evans this bih 🧨Dynamite Having us a “Good Time” in dem projects with this China White 🔥🔥🔥🤧

  14. Rell Simon

    Rell Simon15 hours ago

    Luca Brasi strikes again ‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. festus ewere

    festus ewere17 hours ago

    Good one

  16. Kaiion Jones

    Kaiion Jones20 hours ago


  17. jose burgos

    jose burgos23 hours ago

    Old gates is back🔥🔥🔥

  18. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith HiblerDay ago

    It’s ready moe

  19. Curtis Davis

    Curtis DavisDay ago

    Snubbed nose up and personal it’s MC hammer time 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith HiblerDay ago

    Tyler hero call yo boi

  21. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith HiblerDay ago

    I got surprise don’t nobody know my mental mo Think 2 simple

  22. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith HiblerDay ago

    Cross me once cross me twice fwwww forever

  23. mohamed Nur

    mohamed NurDay ago

    Rev cv

  24. KaDarius Washington

    KaDarius WashingtonDay ago

    My GOSH He’s Back.! 😩💪🏾

  25. Samy Rimi

    Samy RimiDay ago

    l9wada !

  26. Mrs Smith

    Mrs SmithDay ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ FUEGO 🔥

  27. YegnaCo. LLC

    YegnaCo. LLCDay ago

    His views crazy

  28. jackgilmoreiii

    jackgilmoreiiiDay ago

    He ight right now NLE the king he killed ut

  29. The real james Eckmyre

    The real james EckmyreDay ago

    Whait waht

  30. All Seeing Eye Tarot

    All Seeing Eye TarotDay ago

    Best man on the planet!

  31. K Jayanth

    K JayanthDay ago

    You are the best creator make more related videos

  32. Chris Spencer

    Chris Spencer2 days ago

    Breadwinner samurai

  33. Hēn Døgg

    Hēn Døgg2 days ago


  34. Elsa Gennaro

    Elsa Gennaro2 days ago

    This the best one I heard

  35. Milton Edwards jr

    Milton Edwards jr2 days ago

    Real General language not many can share the wave


    JRSAIDIT2 days ago

    Me when I just woke up

  37. LILGUY0322

    LILGUY03222 days ago

    Gates got a real story behind him too. He is not just rappin, believe that.

  38. Montae Mitchell

    Montae Mitchell2 days ago

    You want the hardest

  39. Montae Mitchell

    Montae Mitchell2 days ago


  40. Shaun Clinton

    Shaun Clinton2 days ago

    Wow my guy!!!🎧🎧

  41. Mr乂SAGA pubg

    Mr乂SAGA pubg2 days ago

    He didn't even edit the beat it's the exact same beat he just killed this bruh

  42. Just Me

    Just Me2 days ago

    First 44 seconds what?

  43. Cynical Lxgnd

    Cynical Lxgnd2 days ago

    whats wrong with his voice? no offense I fuck with the remix

  44. Big Sosa

    Big Sosa2 days ago

    Bun on top yo shit look bread winner samurai

  45. Red Bo

    Red Bo3 days ago

    Catch them hands i don’t chase suckers cluckers

  46. Raterra Wilson

    Raterra Wilson3 days ago

    Gates got a beat box hell yeah!!!!

  47. DxddyKingz

    DxddyKingz3 days ago

    This the best beat box freestyle atm!!

  48. Terry Scott

    Terry Scott3 days ago

    Gate a God 🙏 of rap.fuc game.cusin.

  49. Howard Davis

    Howard Davis3 days ago

    Nun the above

  50. Makaveli 803

    Makaveli 8033 days ago

    “A picture worth a thousand words I ain’t read through the caption “ 🔥🔥

  51. adam let

    adam letDay ago

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  52. Monk Bang imvu

    Monk Bang imvu3 days ago


  53. Chaise Labrie

    Chaise Labrie3 days ago

    How does this have so many dislikes? I don’t even listen to this dude but this is nasty. Good to hear this rather than these clowns who try and sing and rap but sound like shit.

  54. Dbo Gang

    Dbo Gang3 days ago

    Everybody wanna be a gangster till they family die 💯💯

  55. Alijah Cordova

    Alijah Cordova3 days ago

    Gates changed the whole Rap Game and will forever hold the Keys 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Togo

    Togo3 days ago

    mike tyson?

  57. Thetaikken

    Thetaikken3 days ago

    Big trash

  58. Lonny Saunders

    Lonny Saunders4 days ago

    This luca brasi Mixtape gates 👀

  59. Caleb Erasmus

    Caleb Erasmus4 days ago

    i aint got no beef out here i know how to cancel mine

  60. moses percy

    moses percy4 days ago

    so are you part native amercan or whats up with the feathers my guy?

  61. Aone Collier

    Aone Collier4 days ago


  62. my le

    my le4 days ago

    This is probably one of the best songs I’ve heard all year.

  63. Ishar Aryanto

    Ishar AryantoDay ago

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  64. Boy karel watat

    Boy karel watat2 days ago

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  65. my le

    my le4 days ago

    Hit it with the blender 🤯

  66. Bilal Ali

    Bilal Ali4 days ago

    Raspy voice Gates hit different😈

  67. Ashley Dawn Ricks High

    Ashley Dawn Ricks High4 days ago

    Want to have his babies

  68. Kacey Hodges

    Kacey Hodges4 days ago

    Beat box don’t match his flow😫

  69. Gina Roesch

    Gina Roesch4 days ago

    I would still LoVe to know why there's no Jester in Chess...

  70. Randall Warren

    Randall Warren4 days ago

    God gave this man the gift of gab

  71. ajjubhai 94

    ajjubhai 94Day ago

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  72. RoyalBossNetwork

    RoyalBossNetwork4 days ago

    Are the 1.5k that didn’t like this mentally stable ?

  73. Steady Treal

    Steady Treal4 days ago

    . Insha'Allah

  74. Brittany burr White

    Brittany burr White4 days ago

    Hay bay

  75. Tiktok Daily

    Tiktok Daily4 days ago

    bread winner samarai!

  76. Beats By Big Buddha

    Beats By Big Buddha4 days ago


  77. Travis Ewings

    Travis Ewings4 days ago

    Don't play with my guy Gates...

  78. clocz

    clocz5 days ago

    He snapped fasho

  79. Spencer Watts

    Spencer Watts5 days ago

    It don't what beat this nigga on he make his own flow with it and own it at that. Goated fr

  80. Nellbae

    Nellbae5 days ago

    He be talking more real shit then most now..Salute

  81. im movinn

    im movinn5 days ago


  82. HateMe Trolling

    HateMe Trolling5 days ago

    Everybody wanna be a gangsta till they family die

  83. xdnutbusta

    xdnutbusta5 days ago

    Someone put ts on audiomack

  84. SwaggasoDumbb Washington

    SwaggasoDumbb Washington5 days ago


  85. Big Sex

    Big Sex5 days ago


  86. Tim Mulroney

    Tim Mulroney5 days ago

    What amazes me is how little likes this song has y’all sleeping on Gates

  87. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler5 days ago

    Who I wit Bernie mac

  88. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler5 days ago

    I’m talkin bout a car moe🏎

  89. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler5 days ago

    Stl Harlem renneciance Where my money Smoky🤔💭🤨🐍🤌🏾 STLBig Moe nellyville til I know sumtin?

  90. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler5 days ago


  91. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler5 days ago

    Worldstar or world series NY👑

  92. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler5 days ago


  93. Malcom Shaw

    Malcom Shaw5 days ago


  94. the kimber family

    the kimber family5 days ago

    I'm fucking with dat


    NICK GURR5 days ago

    this beat geting passed around like yo ex

  96. zеxі

    zеxі5 days ago


  97. Humble

    Humble6 days ago

    need a music video no cap dis hard me bredda Jamaican out here

  98. Natavya

    Natavya6 days ago


  99. Yi Black Graffiti Y Arte

    Yi Black Graffiti Y Arte6 days ago

    Talent 👍💪


    CARSON REED6 days ago

    POV your born in 2021 like me

  101. Sean Swinton

    Sean Swinton6 days ago

    He win by default it don’t matter what he drop he keep the real alive on both sides

  102. Dee Brown

    Dee Brown6 days ago

    I know how to stand on mine 💪🏿 👣 🔥

  103. Swervo

    Swervo6 days ago

    Breadwinner samurai

  104. Monica Simmons

    Monica Simmons6 days ago

    Freestyle that's a game changer

  105. Kyair Gray

    Kyair Gray6 days ago

    Bats nigga

  106. No Suckers Round

    No Suckers Round6 days ago

    damn. 😳

  107. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss6 days ago

    Gates applied pressure 💪🏾💪🏾 Big weight 🥶 “Everybody wanna be gangster till they family die” Only the general gone understand

  108. Brandon Rishwain

    Brandon Rishwain7 days ago

    This delivery is so damn fire it don’t make no sense

  109. Country as It gets

    Country as It gets7 days ago

    Whens the nle choppa Feature coming

  110. Challenge Squad

    Challenge Squad7 days ago

    yea uhhhhh this going on the bottom of the list......

  111. Josh Galloway

    Josh Galloway7 days ago

    Yaw can’t mess with cartel boss gates harder than anybody! His own style can’t nobody mess wid it! General!!!💪🏻🇺🇸 🇵🇷

  112. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss6 days ago

    he never disappoints

  113. Chad J

    Chad J7 days ago

    Detox my liver and my kidneys milk thistle and dandelion 🔥 🔥

  114. re_darks

    re_darks7 days ago

    Who knew haven’t listened to him sense double Dutch