Impractical Jokers: The Best of Focus Groups (Mashup) | truTV

Focus groups are meant to be serious, but when the Impractical Jokers get involved things can get out of hand. Here are the best of their focus groups as they try to convince people they’re selling real products. #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Impractical Jokers: The Best of Focus Groups (Mashup) | truTV


  1. bretno mcdonald

    bretno mcdonald2 hours ago

    22:20 Shaq if you left him in the oven for to long

  2. Riaan Pretorius

    Riaan Pretorius5 hours ago

    Murr sold the sh!# outta the crotch watch🤣🤣🤣

  3. Panchala Fernando

    Panchala Fernando12 hours ago

    Sal is the "Greatest Pretender" Murr is the "Cleverest" Q is the "Smartest" Joe is a " Grade "A " Weirdo / Genius"

  4. Goldy100 screwit

    Goldy100 screwit12 hours ago

    "I kidnapped the vice president."

  5. Ben Sisler

    Ben Sisler12 hours ago

    "I kidnapped the vice president"😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. LofiWackPainting

    LofiWackPainting17 hours ago

    The Jaden Smith thing was too good

  7. henk visser

    henk visser19 hours ago

    so on "where do you get your news from?" nobody said "from the actual world around me"? That is worrying...

  8. hoolsey

    hoolsey19 hours ago

    “you have a photo realistic tattoo of jaden smith” is not something i ever thought i would hear

  9. henk visser

    henk visser22 hours ago

    @37:27 wasnt she in one of the backroom facial episodes?

  10. LARAM

    LARAM23 hours ago

    2 votes for crotch watch :o hahah

  11. friedchicken

    friedchicken23 hours ago

    49:00 Dumass lol

  12. Sinister Dude

    Sinister DudeDay ago

    Mother Coconuts that is hilarious

  13. Just Blaze

    Just BlazeDay ago

    “Slumber little one.”

  14. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!

    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!Day ago

    1:00:17 Itachi: Shut up and take my ryō!

  15. meedily

    meedilyDay ago

    I love this show so much.

  16. AHumanBeing 999

    AHumanBeing 999Day ago

    I swear this is the funniest show ever

  17. ZoiPhotoshop

    ZoiPhotoshopDay ago

  18. Elex Boozle

    Elex BoozleDay ago

    I think I ate too much cheese this morning

  19. Daniël

    DaniëlDay ago


  20. My Traning

    My TraningDay ago

    No way

  21. JrRoNnY

    JrRoNnY2 days ago

    36:47 isn’t she the same lady in Sal ghostwriting AI discussion episode???

  22. Ethan Petefish

    Ethan Petefish2 days ago

    Isn’t the guy who helped him best box the cringey fake cop in a lot of videos?

  23. R H

    R H2 days ago

    Mr Nightlight is amazing too that would be perfect for keeping your kids in bed all night. That is honestly one of my all time favorites and I've watched everything.

  24. R H

    R H2 days ago

    I really do love the candy bar one lol

  25. AmondaRamana Graham

    AmondaRamana Graham2 days ago

    Brick 🧱 flop 😂 LOLLZL

  26. TheOnlyJoe_

    TheOnlyJoe_3 days ago

    Waterproof bread vs exploding pregnancy test though

  27. Lorena Walker

    Lorena Walker3 days ago

    Clunt baby bust slumps.

  28. Ian Pygott

    Ian Pygott3 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the sims 3 music just before the 38 minute mark?

  29. Hanani Sabri

    Hanani Sabri3 days ago

    I love how spontaneous they are

  30. Greg Fisher

    Greg Fisher3 days ago

    The guy doing the “beat boxing” sounded like a pervert

  31. Fun Nation

    Fun Nation3 days ago

    Do they reveal these to the other people tho thats what im curious about 😂

  32. Lihle Njobe

    Lihle Njobe3 days ago

    "Over compensate" 😂😂😂😂

  33. Sebo

    Sebo3 days ago

    44:13 the yo-yo yo-yo could actually work you just Need a loop around your finger

  34. Hamish Munroe

    Hamish MunroeDay ago

    So two yo-yos then?

  35. Earllon Granada

    Earllon Granada3 days ago

    48:10 She looks _TERRIFIED_ outta her mind. Must've brought back some traumatic childhood memories.

  36. D Bongoloid

    D Bongoloid4 days ago

    20:38 um, I'm pretty sure this chick was thinking about smashing. Like what Joe did was just such an alpha move her undergarments exploded. The blonde chick who is blurred at 44:10 clearly lied to someone about what she was doing that day.

  37. ActiveAce

    ActiveAce4 days ago

    51:18 " I'll ReMmOOOVeEe mOveE mOVE THE LADDER"

  38. R H

    R H4 days ago

    LOL I love the nightlight.... That would be PERFECT to put right by the door so your kid doesn't go and run into your room in the middle of the night. They would absolutely be glued underneath the sheets.

  39. Alexander Gilles

    Alexander Gilles4 days ago

    The customer service dream phone had me rolling

  40. Littlewhisper

    Littlewhisper4 days ago

    I could not read anything Joe wrote for me 😂

  41. William Arkin

    William Arkin4 days ago


  42. Handsome King

    Handsome King5 days ago

    Feed me vitamins A and D *Pretty soon I'll have bright orange pee*

  43. prod. onice

    prod. onice5 days ago

    54:00 AHAHAHA

  44. Myself

    Myself5 days ago

    The black guy in q’s group about he is life Looks like Shaq in hot ones

  45. René Fonck

    René Fonck5 days ago


  46. Mad_Cat

    Mad_Cat5 days ago

    Joe looks like if a pug was a human

  47. Nakeem Sharif

    Nakeem Sharif5 days ago

    Ayye it's Jacob Berger at 3:09

  48. Wxsa Wxsa

    Wxsa Wxsa5 days ago


  49. ry

    ry5 days ago

    38:26 I gasped. Murr 😭😭

  50. Jorge Lazaro

    Jorge Lazaro5 days ago

    I woulda been able to sell the Cantennas

  51. barry ballroom

    barry ballroom5 days ago

    Nothin compares to Q repeatedly calling him AL 😂😂

  52. Son Of Man

    Son Of Man5 days ago


  53. DM G3

    DM G35 days ago

    It's unfortunate that they actually pay actors instead of genuine reactions :/

  54. Brody Spilak

    Brody Spilak6 days ago


  55. Comment Theft Police

    Comment Theft Police6 days ago

    "what's one word you want people to use to describe you" "New York".

  56. Duchess

    Duchess6 days ago

    No one's going to mention that human-alien hybrid we all saw at 42:05?

  57. Aaron Kerrigan

    Aaron Kerrigan6 days ago

    30:43 The "Crotch Watch" segment is just too damn funny, man 😂🤣 omg...

  58. piemanlad

    piemanlad6 days ago

    Joe when hes losing the room: i kidnapped the vice president 😂

  59. Michael Moyson

    Michael Moyson6 days ago

    29:20 hahahaha Sal his laugh made Q fall ahahaha

  60. N

    N6 days ago

    This is my absolute favorite bit

  61. Katelynn Herring

    Katelynn Herring7 days ago

    ngl i'd totally play the clark kent game lol

  62. Phyzx

    Phyzx7 days ago

    i fell down

  63. Joe Haynes

    Joe Haynes7 days ago

    The customer service phone dude😂😂😂

  64. Liam Say

    Liam Say7 days ago

    I died at 38:26

  65. Samuel Silva

    Samuel Silva7 days ago

    This can be called work. we cannot accept anything less than that

  66. MilitaryGecko78

    MilitaryGecko787 days ago

    lol you can sell anything to anyone

  67. Ely S

    Ely S7 days ago

    I think sal is the funniest & murr is adorable 🤣

  68. Devin

    Devin7 days ago

    Please stop acting like a papilloma

  69. Kismet Hell

    Kismet Hell7 days ago

    I tricked out a fiat

  70. Eli Jones

    Eli Jones7 days ago


  71. Focus Addiction

    Focus Addiction8 days ago

    These are fake right? Honest question... The people know theyre joking right?

  72. KTG

    KTG8 days ago


  73. Son Goku

    Son Goku8 days ago

    The girl in the green shirt next to sal is the same girl at 36:00 in.

  74. Gregorio Sevilla

    Gregorio Sevilla8 days ago

    The bawdy charles pharmacodynamically talk because north korea importantly arrange out a statuesque alley. wrong, proud fact

  75. Luke 18:13

    Luke 18:138 days ago

    A cacapoo 🤣🤣

  76. Jamie Rose F

    Jamie Rose F8 days ago

    I need any immediate username, etc to be Mother Coconuts asap

  77. lightning bones

    lightning bones8 days ago

    low key mr night light is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life

  78. qaw qaw

    qaw qaw8 days ago

    41:45 nice beat

  79. Jotaky Ininoo

    Jotaky Ininoo8 days ago

    32:22 just a random thought but that round table has no business having that many legs. Looks very unnecessary

  80. Chris

    Chris8 days ago

    Sister tracker. What's see wearing

  81. Chris

    Chris8 days ago

    And then 20 for the titty clubs. And 5 cent ass blast wings is great

  82. Darth Sidious

    Darth Sidious8 days ago

    17:35 lmaoo

  83. Ba Man

    Ba Man8 days ago

    47:45 - 47:49 Well, apart from nightmares. It atleast gave me a visual of how I’d look standing next to Sal

  84. dude perf

    dude perf8 days ago

    The heady single scilly shiver because lung separately polish atop a picayune donkey. lavish, knowledgeable pigeon

  85. BigShaqEatsBeanos

    BigShaqEatsBeanos9 days ago


  86. Chris Crapo

    Chris Crapo9 days ago

    The obtainable hub simulteneously tremble because parcel substantively tip under a awesome orchid. optimal, nappy reminder

  87. Benjamin Stern

    Benjamin Stern9 days ago

    The accessible wallaby naturalistically snatch because mattock micrencephaly stare an a grouchy chest. plant, mean face

  88. Danette Willian

    Danette Willian9 days ago

    The strange lemonade pertinently learn because pie preclinically face afore a unusual sense. humorous, descriptive phone

  89. H S

    H S9 days ago

    The bouncy hydrogen annually afford because decrease feasibly invite below a rustic circle. bored, sturdy peen

  90. Joce Almighty

    Joce Almighty9 days ago

    Like how Q could have stopped talking at any point in the second clip and won, but embarrassing Sal in front of everyone was worth the loss 😂

  91. dude perf

    dude perf9 days ago

    The quaint force conjecturally juggle because stepdaughter recurrently soothe athwart a grotesque sky. good, cheerful package

  92. victoryak86

    victoryak869 days ago

    Of all the “subjects” of Impractical Jokers (people who aren’t in on the joke) the British lady “I don’t think it was meant to be verbatim” has to be in the top ten most annoying from all seasons. “Chitty chatty”😐😑

  93. Joe Trolo

    Joe Trolo9 days ago

    57:17 what the hell is the guy in the middle wearing? A female repellent outfit?

  94. Artist3 Artist

    Artist3 Artist9 days ago

    There is logic behind everything everything make sense are you a stupid person?

  95. Chimera Crimson

    Chimera Crimson10 days ago

    Most parents don't know what is best for their children, do to extreme bias.

  96. Mike Tsintziras

    Mike Tsintziras10 days ago

    That girl who said man made for AI had the weirdest fade when she said that

  97. Alexthegee

    Alexthegee10 days ago

    Murray looks more Steve Jobs than Steve Jobs

  98. John M. Tiu

    John M. Tiu10 days ago

    The various armenian extremely present because poison transmurally fool for a motionless wolf. quickest, utter ink


    WILLIAM BROWN10 days ago

    00:01 00:02 the school principal

  100. vufzero

    vufzero10 days ago

    I'm a Disgraciado

  101. Alladeen Mdfkr

    Alladeen Mdfkr10 days ago

    How can people still believe that video games make people violent,i will never understand this

  102. Travis Green

    Travis Green10 days ago

    💩- ch ch ugh- ugh... ugh 💩- ch ch ugh- ugh... ugh 💩- ch ch ugh- ugh... ugh 5:00