PIGGY FIRED my WIFE! FGTeeV Family vs. The Factory (ROBLOX Piggy Book 2 Chapter 6)

Piggy up in here causing Ruckus still!! Who do you think in the fam escapes the Factory?
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex \u0026 Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.


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    Ay Two Vids in One DAY!!! Watch Super FeeGee save the World Here: usloft.info/will/bGPNt5S2oK3bj5U/video

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    Futuro r 29e93

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    Fgteev duddy I don't want a biscuit either but yeah you know what you got to do you got to just save it got to risk it for the biscuit I mean if you want a biscuit then you just got to risk it you got to risk it for the biscuit market for a biscuit brisket for a brisket for a bit get for a bit a bit biscuit borabit Big Biscuit brisket for of it for a biscuit risk it for a bit

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    You making my younger brother dumber

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    Chase just say he can kill too Įhe Williw isn't Boy Willow is a Girl O___O

  15. SiloWZ

    SiloWZ15 hours ago

    2:31 did anyone else here a cuss word?

  16. SG1816U

    SG1816U18 hours ago

    It's Willow not Wolfy

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    CCTV Daddy I hate when you do this now I'm giving you thumbs Downs to all of your videos stop if you stop laughing if you do anything then I'm going to then I'm not liking your Venice and not subscribing even though I'm subscribing and I'm not going to hit you notification but I'm going to put it and then I hate your video I hate I hate it you are going to be bad and the worst fttp family have I ever seen and watch

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    I like how Willow said would you please shut up and also she is a girl not a boy

  19. Nor' Ashikin

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    *Imagine Lexi scream and Michael cries*

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    I mean mike

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    I love Roblox.🤯😍

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    btw wolfy/willow is a girl

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    my names wolfie her names willow

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    You better do the dab bro lolll

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    Total embarrassment with the family 😹

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    FT TV tell Alex if she can make more tick-tock‘

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    FG TV I love your channel and I hope you have a amazing day is every day and I will be very happy for you every day and I and I really really want you to have a amazing day 😭😭☺️

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    The wolf is a girl and her name is willow

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    FGTEEV so you got to go to the exit in when there anymore that means you can biscuit!😊

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    Okay she did she did lex did can't believe he made a rap when the willow was talking in a cutscene

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    Lex is annoying lol (I am from Malaysia)

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    you all are soooo cool

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    Quit USloft now before everyone dies are you shouting

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    May 1 2021

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    I love you guys but you SAY youre family is back what about mommy?

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    Fgteev it said it was broken that why you got killed lol

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