How to Survive a Rhea Attack p2 (+ My First Gosling!!!)

OOOH BOY WE GOT A DOOSIE TODAY SONS. I have a new son, i got attacked by Kevin twice, we got another chick, the pigeons started racing around the house, AND I lost and found Dababy and protected him from a demon!
Stay tuned for more renovation videos! Big things coming!
Love you all!
Uncle Farmer Dad Ben👨🏻‍🌾🤝❤️
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  1. Another day Another dollar

    Another day Another dollar44 minutes ago

    So damn wholesome

  2. The Spark

    The Spark49 minutes ago

    I am glad I got a goldfish, our fights are less intense.

  3. Phantom Rain

    Phantom Rain49 minutes ago

    3:34 me minding my business

  4. Rick Sanchez Jr.

    Rick Sanchez Jr.2 hours ago

    Would you not be better off just wearing a long sleeve shirt or something...?

  5. Chris

    Chris2 hours ago

    Kevin is a nit wit

  6. Raw Cow420

    Raw Cow4202 hours ago

    Am getting ark vibes

  7. Overlord Vera

    Overlord Vera3 hours ago

    This man's yard is the world's most random zoo. The mega chicken wants to murder him, his actual chicken is training to become a mcdonald's 6 piece happy meal, he has a cage full of pigeons because why not? A dog so friendly it won't fend off the mega chicken because that'd be rude, and a pet kangaroo ignoring everything.

  8. SkarZz On YT

    SkarZz On YT5 hours ago

    “So what do you guys Normally do” “oh we just throw shit at Kevin” “who’s Kevin” “Kevin” *💥*

  9. Bora Tasaner

    Bora Tasaner6 hours ago


  10. CameronisReal

    CameronisReal7 hours ago

    Ben: *exists* Kevin (All Day, Everyday): Peace was never an option.

  11. Optimus Primeコンボイ

    Optimus Primeコンボイ8 hours ago

    4:34 I could smell that through the screen...

  12. cunny funt

    cunny funt9 hours ago

    Why is kevin so damn angry lol

  13. I watch Yt

    I watch Yt9 hours ago

    Can we all appreciate that this man stopped messing around with Kevin when he attacked the kangaroo and got Kevin the f out of there.

  14. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller9 hours ago

    Bro I’m dying laughing. Your hilarious 😂

  15. Benjamin Totallynotalt

    Benjamin Totallynotalt9 hours ago

    Kevin is such a meme

  16. Jesse Underdog

    Jesse Underdog10 hours ago

    Kevin is a complete maniac but that's ok.

  17. VOIP Portland

    VOIP Portland10 hours ago

    02:40 Oh hello Kevin ... all mellow as he goes right into full attack mode. This man has mercy and patience.

  18. Matt Nunya

    Matt Nunya10 hours ago

    you know what would really help with Kevin? Placing a giant mirror so he can see his own reflection and think its another male Rhea instead of attacking you he will attack

  19. Gino

    Gino11 hours ago

    I really wanna fight Kevin for some reason

  20. Aidan Grenier

    Aidan Grenier11 hours ago

    I love how he was like oh hello Kevin as he was charging at him with malintent

  21. Chris

    Chris12 hours ago

    we all know a kevin.

  22. Yo Fenrir

    Yo Fenrir12 hours ago

    Kevin be active

  23. XDeadlyRtX

    XDeadlyRtX12 hours ago

    Can someone explain the channel to me as I’m new. Does he run it kinda like a little zoo until they’re ready or like rehab them to be released into the wild or what?

  24. XDeadlyRtX

    XDeadlyRtX12 hours ago

    Honestly the reason I subbed is because smacking Kevin in the face with the bin lid was funny as hell to me

  25. Dreadrat

    Dreadrat14 hours ago

    I'm just very surprise kevin is'nt on a dinner plate right now. ;)

  26. Alexander Karnes

    Alexander Karnes15 hours ago

    I had a duck just like Kevin

  27. creepergrin

    creepergrin15 hours ago

    the enjoyment from pure chaos in these videos is inmeasurable

  28. Rich F

    Rich F16 hours ago

    2:41 "Oh hi Kevin" Low-key greeting Kevin. Kevin charges in full speed to rip your limbs off. Just another day in the backyard lol

  29. Cptn Price

    Cptn Price16 hours ago

    Dude I came across one of ur videos an hour ago and now I just can’t stop watching 😂

  30. PS

    PS17 hours ago

    I would have get rid of Kevin already. Patience of this man is amazing. Some day this bird will poke your eye or cause infection from bites.

  31. Job Tammes

    Job Tammes20 hours ago

    Kevins little noise sounds like a demon 5:37 😂😂

  32. Mite Bee

    Mite Bee22 hours ago


  33. Hooka Jekno

    Hooka Jekno22 hours ago

    6:18 literal velociraptor change my mind

  34. Flufferz626

    Flufferz62623 hours ago

    Can rheas be livestock guardians like emus?

  35. M1sty_ Easy

    M1sty_ EasyDay ago

    How much for a gosling

  36. Ron Mc

    Ron McDay ago

    Him on tiktok. At the end vid AOOOAO


    ZAW YE HTETDay ago

    C H A O S

  38. Ganyu Simp

    Ganyu SimpDay ago

    "DaBaby, have you been stuck here?"

  39. Colorsfulls

    ColorsfullsDay ago

    *this is the new captain america*

  40. Colorsfulls

    ColorsfullsDay ago

    imagine having to wake up like this everyday, *and disinfect your wounds with a l c h o h o l*

  41. Chris Katko

    Chris KatkoDay ago


  42. Gold bond Shaq

    Gold bond Shaq10 hours ago

    Ik it’s like a fever dream but with animals at some points

  43. thatsjustfucked

    thatsjustfuckedDay ago

    I love how Kevin is the villain and everyone else is just trying to hang out

  44. Papollo Draws

    Papollo DrawsDay ago

    It is so cool. You clearly love your animals

  45. Anne

    AnneDay ago

    6:14 lol

  46. Morgan Meyer

    Morgan MeyerDay ago

    Glad to see my two favorite farmer USloftrs knowing each other

  47. tiltadofps

    tiltadofpsDay ago

    0:06 dababy borns.

  48. #EXO #NCT #WAYV Come Back, the superior song

    #EXO #NCT #WAYV Come Back, the superior songDay ago

    Kevin is the spiritual animal of Karens

  49. Purple Nurp

    Purple NurpDay ago

    I just can't believe this guy keeps letting that bird bite him but hey there is a reason that bird doesn't see you as an alpha.

  50. WITP7

    WITP7Day ago

    I just can’t believe how much patience he has with Kevin

  51. Chris

    Chris12 hours ago

    they don't appear to be his pets, they appear to be his rescues. he's not really trying to domesticate them by the looks. i don't think a ton of patience is required for non-domesticated animals.

  52. Yasser Boumediane

    Yasser BoumedianeDay ago

    Kevin is definitely a rebellious teen

  53. krombopulos rick

    krombopulos rickDay ago

    The self control it must take not to just double spin smack kevin with the lid.

  54. the ghost under your bed: nordic

    the ghost under your bed: nordicDay ago

    "look at the baby acting stoopid"

  55. hermit anotherant

    hermit anotherantDay ago

    Imagine waking up at 1am. Look out your window, too see ur neighbor arguing with his rhea to go to bed in the rain

  56. Louise GaryAVBl

    Louise GaryAVBlDay ago

    Kevin you dick leave dababy alone

  57. Laurent de backer

    Laurent de backerDay ago

    6:58 that is just too cute! 😍

  58. Schwobi Zockt

    Schwobi ZocktDay ago

    7:02 kevin is a asshole 😂😂😂

  59. TonyCR1975

    TonyCR1975Day ago

    Damn! Kevin is truly more scarier in the night

  60. rayco643

    rayco643Day ago

    7:03 "Kevin if you touch this beautiful little man, I swear..." Kevin: Challenge accepted

  61. Samuel Coe

    Samuel CoeDay ago

    You should wear protection sleeves for your arms.

  62. Duckiiyz

    DuckiiyzDay ago

    Son: call a professional Mom: No, we have a professional home Professional at home:

  63. 1 leg

    1 leg2 days ago

    You should invest in a kite sheild aka a big medieval sheild

  64. JC ._. GOATED

    JC ._. GOATED2 days ago

    6:55 thru 7:20 is the best part of this video 😂😭

  65. Einar Meijer

    Einar Meijer2 days ago

    Kevin looks even more like his 80 million year old ancestors at night

  66. Megistosz

    Megistosz2 days ago

    2:42 in that moment you realized, you’re fucked up XDDDD

  67. The Sweaty Yeti

    The Sweaty Yeti2 days ago

    Bruh this is literally like Jurassic Park. You’re on a mission in a dark area and Kevin the freaking dinosaur is stalking you.

  68. T reaf

    T reaf2 days ago

    2:40 Dark souls boss out of nowhere

  69. TheMcmuffinOne

    TheMcmuffinOne2 days ago

    She is spawn camping lool🤣

  70. Darion Balkaran

    Darion Balkaran2 days ago

    Me letting a baby duck crawl on my arm, Cries internally because his nails are developed.

  71. Trike Jorjan

    Trike Jorjan2 days ago

    Couldnt you just bite him back?

  72. Darion Balkaran

    Darion Balkaran2 days ago

    Kevin: I hate you, and only you. Karen: Is this an egg?(butterfly)

  73. TrueUnderDawgGaming

    TrueUnderDawgGaming2 days ago

    I just realized those are the crazy expensive chickens! Solid black (even their organs)

  74. Lv Dalek

    Lv Dalek2 hours ago

    @RompotMechanikos no idea chicks are cheap

  75. RompotMechanikos

    RompotMechanikos12 hours ago

    @spaceballkrs1 Where? are you paying $300 for a chicken?

  76. spaceballkrs1

    spaceballkrs112 hours ago

    @RompotMechanikos you should google chicken prices. For a decent domestic chicken you're looking at $300 usd

  77. RompotMechanikos

    RompotMechanikosDay ago

    @spaceballkrs1 $100 for a chicken is pretty expensive.

  78. spaceballkrs1

    spaceballkrs1Day ago

    @MattKeepsFish he can tell their impurity in the other video. He's aware of what the super expensive ones are like. His have many flaws.

  79. JustADudeInSpace

    JustADudeInSpace2 days ago

    Imagine walking through a field at mid-night and hearing the kevin noise off in the darkness

  80. Smoking Toilet

    Smoking Toilet2 days ago

    The noise kevin makes

  81. Sle oe

    Sle oe2 days ago


  82. Verticom

    Verticom2 days ago

    This is a meme farm

  83. Minhaz Yeamin

    Minhaz Yeamin2 days ago

    Kevin is like that one toxic gf who loves you but also hurts you

  84. Damage Trade

    Damage Trade2 days ago

    *Kevin attacks Dababy* Ben: You've just awoken my fury boy

  85. Alan Alvarado

    Alan Alvarado2 days ago

    This guy is a Disney Princess in another life That or an anime protagonist with his harem but they're animals

  86. Mike Lyman

    Mike Lyman2 days ago

    "My new favorite animal in all of existence" One second later: "Welcome to the army, son!"

  87. Cassie Boogers

    Cassie Boogers2 days ago

    No way!! I love watching Morgan from goldshaw farms. So cool that you hatched one of his eggs 😊

  88. rAiZeN

    rAiZeN2 days ago

    0:06 DaBaby

  89. Oliver Jackson

    Oliver Jackson2 days ago

    Dababy is so cute man

  90. Jay

    Jay2 days ago

    LMFAO FUCK THAT BIRD bro lol he literally said “Kevin if you touch this beautiful little man, I swear” *pecks tf outta little man*

  91. Hamodi Nash724

    Hamodi Nash7242 days ago

    Meanwhile the kangaroo named da baby: Lesssss gooooo

  92. Wet Matress uwu

    Wet Matress uwu2 days ago

    2:41 my sleep paralysis demon

  93. SonyFan4

    SonyFan42 days ago

    I don’t think I’ll have the patience and sustained care for Kevin after caring for it while dealing with its constant attacks. It just might end up on my dinner plate one Thanksgiving dinner.

  94. Highly YouTuber

    Highly YouTuber2 days ago

    I advise you to get some pepper spray and whenever Kevin wants to attack you can just spray his face and I promise he will stop

  95. Matin Gilardi

    Matin Gilardi3 days ago

    "Boy, you gon wake up my fury"

  96. Gongaga

    Gongaga3 days ago

    “Kevin, if you touch dababy, I swear...” Kevin: *LESSS GOOO*

  97. B H

    B H3 days ago

    I died when the camera panned over, and there's Kevin in a full-on charge, and ya boi just gives this unenthusiastic 'Oh hello, Kevin'. Good cut.

  98. Adam Samaro

    Adam Samaro3 days ago

    Kevin makes great house security just in case

  99. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez3 days ago

    2:41 🤣

  100. Jeff Banks

    Jeff Banks3 days ago


  101. Goat pepper herbal tea

    Goat pepper herbal tea3 days ago

    She’s spawn camping

  102. Goat pepper herbal tea

    Goat pepper herbal tea3 days ago

    Lucky Kevin doesn’t know about knives

  103. Lady Veil

    Lady Veil3 days ago

    That moment 2:40 omg i would totally freakout

  104. Lady Veil

    Lady Veil3 days ago

    And then again 6:17 😭 that kevin is possesed

  105. Egull

    Egull3 days ago

    the modernity of this man mixed with the rehabilitation and preservation of animals is something that we need nowadays. Its like a bridge between two worlds.

  106. Kiwi Gummy

    Kiwi GummyDay ago


  107. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller3 days ago

    Kevin is a fucking crack bird literally Everytime I see Kevin I think of a crack addict

  108. Princess of Keys

    Princess of Keys3 days ago

    The sounds Kevin makes <

  109. Princess of Keys

    Princess of Keys3 days ago

    "Sir please...sir..please" lol XD What's with Kevin!! Lol

  110. brian halford

    brian halford3 days ago

    I’d punch that thing in the ducking neck 😭