How Justin Jefferson Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson never had any jobs growing up and now he's making millions in the NFL. He was drafted 22nd overall by the Vikings and is now on a four-year, 13.12 million contract, with a $7.1 million signing bonus.
From $150K on a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 to $405K on a house, find out everything Justin Jefferson spent his first million dollars in the NFL on.

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How Justin Jefferson Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports


  1. dee nice

    dee niceHour ago

    Invest black man, Invest! NFL means (NOT FOR LONG) Invest in a franchise!

  2. fuckyoname

    fuckyonameDay ago

    Thought this was fetty wap

  3. nick Giuliano

    nick Giuliano4 days ago

    I’m so hyped the Vikings drafted him.

  4. Kaden Turbes

    Kaden Turbes3 days ago


  5. Supreme Red

    Supreme Red7 days ago

    My dad saw him in person for after the National championship for LSU it’s good to be a LSU TIGER

  6. Eclipsters

    Eclipsters8 days ago

    he is a good rugby player

  7. Juan Ballesteros

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    This dude is so cool, humble and full of talent. Great steak by the Vikings

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    Curtis Blyden18 days ago

    200,000 on a Car and Jewerly. Shocking. SMH

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    Santino De Bartolo18 days ago

    Great guy

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    Shane Walders20 days ago

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  33. perp the rapper and weeb

    perp the rapper and weeb21 day ago

    Can't wait to see him on the field again

  34. kiddada3

    kiddada322 days ago

    What a good dude. Also, the 405k for the house ain’t spent it’s invested and he’ll garner some returns on that money.

  35. p2b

    p2b22 days ago

    bro you can’t mention you have a dog and then just leave it there!!!

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    Zayn Beg22 days ago

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    Miranda Hodson22 days ago

    And Good Luck this year

  38. Miranda Hodson

    Miranda Hodson22 days ago

    Whould he have kirk or Mond

  39. Peterson Oliveira

    Peterson Oliveira22 days ago

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    Kenny Planter23 days ago

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  41. I a Person

    I a Person24 days ago

    As a vikings fan i approve 😂

  42. Justin Nguyen

    Justin Nguyen24 days ago

    “I’m not really a big money spender” to spending 50K on jewelry on one of his first purchases 😂

  43. Kelvin Cunningahm

    Kelvin Cunningahm24 days ago

    I would’ve bought land , turned that into a sub division and rented.

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    Petter Tran25 days ago

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    Kai von Fintel26 days ago

    I love watching this guy. I can’t wait to watch the rest of his career

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    one andonly26 days ago

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    Ronaldo Bocanegra27 days ago

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    Pumitri II28 days ago

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  62. DRACO FURY 13

    DRACO FURY 1328 days ago

    10k on shoes... *WHYYYYYYY*

  63. crimsn

    crimsn29 days ago

    Love his attitude and outlook on life. You could mistake him for an introvert. Respect.

  64. Veronica Balfour

    Veronica Balfour29 days ago

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  66. MarcoFoosh

    MarcoFooshMonth ago

    favorite football player

  67. Miller Zachary

    Miller ZacharyMonth ago

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  68. Spiffy 2x

    Spiffy 2xMonth ago

    Justin Jefferson to the saints ??👀👀

  69. GiftVader

    GiftVaderMonth ago

    That Louisiana humility fareal

  70. kill gavin

    kill gavinMonth ago

    i love the little laugh he does after every sentence

  71. Cassandra Harry

    Cassandra HarryMonth ago

    Way 2 Go JJ, blessings too you, Vacherie, Louisiana ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. Badis Rabhi

    Badis RabhiMonth ago

    Next alvin kamara

  73. Juan Nicolas

    Juan NicolasMonth ago

    yes...very good

  74. Dr Beyonder

    Dr BeyonderMonth ago

    He trash

  75. Cherrybomb

    CherrybombMonth ago

    I know I’m late.... but I REALLY like this guy. Hope nothing but success for him.

  76. ShlobyBobby

    ShlobyBobbyMonth ago

    He is the goat

  77. red rex

    red rexMonth ago

    this man cap 10k on shoes ? them is dior ik u don’t only have 10 pair kicks

  78. Rizern_on_gfuel 2nd acc

    Rizern_on_gfuel 2nd accMonth ago

    Bro I been a fan of this man every since early lsu bruh loke I will always look up to him hes been my favorite and jamarr chase bro like they r so good I always will look up

  79. Eugenio Campos

    Eugenio CamposMonth ago

    that was a must

  80. MRbossman1982

    MRbossman1982Month ago

    Eagles 🦅 should have drafted him, but as a Washington football club fan lol 😂 glad they didn’t!

  81. Red 1982

    Red 1982Month ago

    He shouldve rented the house, leased the car, spent alittle but much on the jewelry. But he will learn down the line , well hopefully❤

  82. AlexanderThe Great

    AlexanderThe Great25 days ago

    And you feel you're entitled to tell someone how they should've spent their earned because??? Can you show us your resume on managing your millions before thinking you can exert your so-called expertise on others?

  83. Joe S

    Joe SMonth ago

    Humble! Love it! Skolllllll

  84. Corey Bonner

    Corey BonnerMonth ago

    I said right foot creep hit that griddy my boy!!!

  85. Shonnon Lewis

    Shonnon LewisMonth ago

    Parents did a phenomenal job with this young man... Also, he won't be broke after his retirement 👍🏽

  86. Jamie Lee

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  87. Noah Tumataroa

    Noah TumataroaMonth ago

    wait for the tax homie x

  88. Peyton Kessel

    Peyton KesselMonth ago


  89. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonMonth ago

    great kid, could use some financial help though

  90. Grizzly Whores

    Grizzly WhoresMonth ago

    Only 10k on Christmas. Yikes dude

  91. RemainLoyalToYour0wnSoil

    RemainLoyalToYour0wnSoilMonth ago

    Ehh Jalen Hurts did it best this goofies wanna show off 😂😂 🦅🦅🦅

  92. Hayden Cannon

    Hayden CannonMonth ago

    eagles fans are the worst fans omg

  93. Thomas V, Stewart Jr

    Thomas V, Stewart JrMonth ago

    Kiss&Tell that's not our business What you do with your money man. Just continue to make us proud. And be safe!

  94. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouMonth ago

    Watching this so motivational

  95. Nicholli Schwindt

    Nicholli SchwindtMonth ago

    Man, imagine seeing this man at the peak of his career!!!!! He'd be as rich as Gates!!!!!!!

  96. Marcus Kurishingal

    Marcus KurishingalMonth ago

    he is humble, not going crazy on his money

  97. Anthony Hilton

    Anthony HiltonMonth ago

    Fifty thousand on jewelry dumb decision. Twenty thousand on clothing. I'm a blkman and this comment will ruffle some feathers. This why we go broke because some of us wear it on our sleeve. He's young and mistakes with his earnings is expected. This video is the prime example why the the league brings in mentors to talk to these young players.

  98. Count Doku

    Count DokuMonth ago

    That’s 5 percent of 1,000,000 dollars, not that dumb...

  99. Heather Bruce

    Heather BruceMonth ago

    Seems like an awesome dude. I love his laugh

  100. Nyjal Johnson

    Nyjal JohnsonMonth ago

    Aj brown next ‼️

  101. Crypto Gee17

    Crypto Gee17Month ago

    Where's Spencer?

  102. Meep Meep

    Meep MeepMonth ago

    Smart man

  103. Mitch Splittstoesser

    Mitch SplittstoesserMonth ago

    This is a dude I would love to chill with. Super humble and seems to help others out. Not alot of these kind of people out there anymore.

  104. Matthew Swanson

    Matthew SwansonMonth ago

    im not a big jury person either. Jury duty is cool but can be a pain

  105. TheNostalgicLeo

    TheNostalgicLeoMonth ago

    Justin is beautiful

  106. Chris basave

    Chris basaveMonth ago

    he’s just a cool dude tbh, much respect