What should I do next with jolly ranchers!? #shorts


  1. Ella Wass

    Ella Wass8 hours ago

    Ohhhhhhhh time to go shopping

  2. Emily Wemily

    Emily Wemily10 hours ago

    That. Is. One. Of. The. Cutest. Snakes. I. Have ever seen-

  3. Adalbto Garcia

    Adalbto Garcia11 hours ago

    No is not going to woke

  4. DTenn901 Nelson

    DTenn901 Nelson12 hours ago

    I know it doesn’t all that jolly rancher juice frozen solid inside the phone

  5. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo19 hours ago

    snake . . .

  6. Daniel Prince

    Daniel Prince20 hours ago

    Uh anyone see that iPhone 4

  7. NeP GaMeR ArEa

    NeP GaMeR ArEa21 hour ago

    Snake in our neck

  8. dan

    danDay ago

    he's the guy in the math questions the older generation had warned us about 😬

  9. Kinsley Hogans

    Kinsley HogansDay ago

    If it was working before it definitely isn’t now

  10. Rachel Spice

    Rachel SpiceDay ago


  11. I like chickadees

    I like chickadeesDay ago

    Knew it

  12. PixelatedDom

    PixelatedDomDay ago

    Nice Ipod

  13. H2 Amon

    H2 AmonDay ago

    Wasted the entire jolly rancher cube

  14. Teresa Whary

    Teresa WharyDay ago

    True but also can anybody see the crack on it

  15. Arinze Nomeh

    Arinze NomehDay ago

    So your friend used a iPhone 5 when tiktok was around

  16. Master At Disaster

    Master At Disaster2 days ago

    Ok like ur dad that lives in a 1m house uses an iPhone 4😂

  17. Riley Aragon

    Riley Aragon2 days ago

    Bro I would of ate the candy

  18. Doggo

    Doggo2 days ago

    Noticing all Tik toker's family have a iphone

  19. pooppy

    pooppy2 days ago

    That was very nice to listen to

  20. Kirby Popstar

    Kirby Popstar2 days ago

    A perfect waste of candy

  21. Adelisa Broad

    Adelisa Broad2 days ago


  22. Demetris Dunbar

    Demetris Dunbar2 days ago

    When it dropped it looked cool

  23. Elizabeth Ramirez

    Elizabeth Ramirez2 days ago

    Waste of jolly ranchers

  24. Dayyan Reki

    Dayyan Reki2 days ago

    He’s snake on his back eowe

  25. Dayyan Reki

    Dayyan Reki2 days ago

    I don’t prank I’m even scared

  26. Pheonix Gaming

    Pheonix Gaming2 days ago

    Not me

  27. Grayson ODonnell

    Grayson ODonnell3 days ago

    Knew it

  28. I Am Everywhere

    I Am Everywhere3 days ago

    Mans just bought an old ass phone for the videos

  29. Aya Alaaeddine

    Aya Alaaeddine3 days ago

    I LOVE you too much love you

  30. Aidan L

    Aidan L3 days ago

    if the phone had any chance of working it certainly was not after he tossed it 20 feet up in the air

  31. Nathan Wood

    Nathan Wood3 days ago

    What if it was flat

  32. Luke Dela Cruz

    Luke Dela Cruz3 days ago




    It doesn't work..... Plop

  34. Mark Gillian V. Mandario

    Mark Gillian V. Mandario3 days ago

    I thought the phone broke when it hit the ground

  35. Harlia Jones

    Harlia Jones3 days ago

    I think it’s gonna work 🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️

  36. irma Romero

    irma Romero3 days ago


  37. Douglas Harris

    Douglas Harris3 days ago

    Did you throw it away is it still or is it still in the trash cuz you might just need to charge it maybe it's dead try charging it and it'll be a working phone

  38. Nena Antunes

    Nena Antunes3 days ago

    Everybody just ignoring that he has a snake aeound his neck

  39. Alex G

    Alex G3 days ago

    AlexRG57 💳🤬🤬👍🐉💸🐲🪶⛈💳💋😂💀🌬⛈🤑🇦🇲😇😂😇😇💳😄🇦🇲🐲💳🐲🤑😄🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💸🤬👍🐕🤣😄🪶🔥🤑💀🌥💸💀💸🇻🇪💸💀🤑🇻🇪💸

  40. I_AmNotJade

    I_AmNotJade3 days ago


  41. Pocket Gremlin

    Pocket Gremlin3 days ago

    Did you charge it?

  42. big man

    big man3 days ago

    Comment 6000

  43. Lindsey Johanna

    Lindsey Johanna3 days ago


  44. A Chicken

    A Chicken3 days ago

    Eat it.

  45. Glaxiiッ

    Glaxiiッ3 days ago

    What a fucking waste.

  46. spaceify

    spaceify3 days ago

    Why put an iPhone 4 through that much pain.... #iphone4gang

  47. quiverr

    quiverr4 days ago

    Um, quick question, did you get a full preschool's worth of education?

  48. Dane Aneuil

    Dane Aneuil4 days ago

    The deep voice changer ... the 30$ phone? This is kinda sus

  49. Owen McGrath

    Owen McGrath4 days ago

    Ph yeah just using your dads phone for a experiment what a great son I bet your dads proud of you

  50. Jeramiah Shipman

    Jeramiah Shipman4 days ago

    You already know it broke and you throw it up yet 50 meters

  51. Audra Davenport

    Audra Davenport4 days ago


  52. Layla Rowe

    Layla Rowe4 days ago

    You need to charge it

  53. Chrissy Comeaux

    Chrissy Comeaux4 days ago


  54. MoonIsLost

    MoonIsLost3 days ago

    You are an actual child

  55. Soul7akers Shorty

    Soul7akers Shorty4 days ago

    Now clean it up

  56. Neena 25

    Neena 254 days ago

    No ones gonna talk about how he had a snake on his neck

  57. Neena 25

    Neena 254 days ago


  58. grey is gay

    grey is gay4 days ago

    have kids they say, it’ll be fun they say

  59. Ybjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt

    Ybjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt5 days ago


  60. E E

    E E5 days ago

    How much u wanna bet it don work

  61. tammy benoist

    tammy benoist5 days ago

    Did you charge it..?

  62. Ybjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt

    Ybjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt5 days ago


  63. Ybjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt

    Ybjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt5 days ago


  64. hmm 86

    hmm 865 days ago

    Wait so this dude is still getting hate but a bunch of other people who got hate aren’t getting hate? I’m not saying this guy shouldn’t get hate btw

  65. Brianna Vale'Defo

    Brianna Vale'Defo5 days ago

    Not him wearing a snake necklace

  66. Brea Jolley

    Brea Jolley5 days ago

    Is that you cute snake it’s so cute

  67. Sxnflxwer_Vxbez

    Sxnflxwer_Vxbez5 days ago

    Just me or anyone else notice the SNAKE on his neck?? Like wut

  68. MoonIsLost

    MoonIsLost3 days ago

    Your name is as dumb as your iq

  69. evelyn ezena

    evelyn ezena5 days ago

    It wont work

  70. Andrey Skots

    Andrey Skots5 days ago

    I love how he us just casually talking while his snake is around his neck

  71. ShowtimeZander04

    ShowtimeZander045 days ago

    It doesnt work because jolly ranchers are inside the phone.

  72. Ayrianna Green

    Ayrianna Green6 days ago

    Aww your snake is beautiful is it a ball python

  73. James Hatfield

    James Hatfield6 days ago


  74. Carlos Gomez

    Carlos Gomez6 days ago



    AGHORA OP6 days ago

    Yor the dumbest person I've ever seen... Even the grade F is gonna feel disgraced if it's "awarded" to you.... 🤦

  76. Ac Cutie

    Ac Cutie6 days ago

    You kill your dad‘s phone

  77. CGA vids

    CGA vids6 days ago

    Is that a snake!?

  78. •Black_Wolfy•

    •Black_Wolfy•6 days ago

    His daddy be mad mad

  79. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh6 days ago

    You know this kid made his voice deeper so if anybody takes the clip from his tiktok it makes him look better and cooler?

  80. Rami Khaled

    Rami Khaled6 days ago

    While u have the 11 or 12

  81. Rami Khaled

    Rami Khaled6 days ago

    No way ur dad has an iPhone 4

  82. Coleslaw

    Coleslaw6 days ago

    Love the snek


    CASHfromINDIANA6 days ago

    Rich people problems.. Meanwhile somewhere someone is down on their luck and could use a phone incase jobs call.. Yet you get people like this.. Let's destroy this perfectly fine car we could have given to a single mom or someone who badly needs one.. Anything for views tho right??.. You know doing shit like this requires no talent right??.. SMH..

  84. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh6 days ago

    Its 333k likes nice

  85. Tiffany Robinson

    Tiffany Robinson6 days ago

    Him wasting a perfect phone that works just to smash it and throw it away like nothin

  86. Kerry mulhern

    Kerry mulhern6 days ago

    How did his voice get deaper

  87. JJ Playz

    JJ Playz6 days ago

    At least it was a iPhone 4😜

  88. Artist Ainsley

    Artist Ainsley6 days ago

    Bruh you should of eaten the jolly rancher:

  89. career manager pmb

    career manager pmb7 days ago

    Ok that's how you get yourself grounded


    MAIN SNIPER7 days ago


  91. Itz Skylar U-U

    Itz Skylar U-U7 days ago

    Maybe cause it doesent have battery

  92. Kiana oof

    Kiana oof7 days ago


  93. lil t turtle

    lil t turtle7 days ago


  94. vantsel the weeb

    vantsel the weeb7 days ago

    Did you try recharging it before coming to the conclusion that it doesn't work?

  95. Owen Moore

    Owen Moore7 days ago

    Your dad has a shut down I phone 4???

  96. ItsXeno

    ItsXeno7 days ago

    I think it broke

  97. Lachlan Hercus

    Lachlan Hercus7 days ago

    Well we knew it wouldn't work

  98. Matthew Firstenburg

    Matthew Firstenburg7 days ago

    Its 333k likes nice

  99. Rolondo Ray

    Rolondo Ray7 days ago

    Make another giant jolly rancher that's edible with nothing inside

  100. Rolondo Ray

    Rolondo Ray7 days ago

    And give it to us

  101. Football Lover

    Football Lover7 days ago


  102. Gamer Girl1324

    Gamer Girl13247 days ago

    Buy him a new one

  103. Adalyn Phillips

    Adalyn Phillips7 days ago

    Instantly has a deep af voice when about to smash it

  104. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss7 days ago

    Damn nice snake

  105. Kaydence Schroer

    Kaydence Schroer7 days ago


  106. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss7 days ago

    The amount of sugar wasted... they would’ve killed u if it were the middle ages

  107. Toaster003

    Toaster0037 days ago

    Bruh when he said “out” it didn’t even sound like the normal Canadian “owt” it just sounded like “ote” lmao

  108. Caysy Filip

    Caysy Filip7 days ago

    I’m sure that the phone is broken