Best Gum Art Wins $10,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts

I can't believe we made art using gum and the best one won $10,000 for a charitable cause of their choice! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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  1. ZHC Crafts

    ZHC CraftsMonth ago

    Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :)) it's free and we might pick you to be in videos! Also we mostly do calls so it's international!

  2. Courtney Shrader

    Courtney Shrader2 days ago


  3. Min Roblox

    Min Roblox2 days ago

    I want Jake to win

  4. Taylor Taylor

    Taylor Taylor2 days ago

    i love fish oil

  5. Juan Carlos Felipe CRUZ

    Juan Carlos Felipe CRUZ3 days ago

    No I want the guy with green tea shirt that art was so amazing 🤩

  6. ghadah albahli

    ghadah albahli4 days ago

    I subscribed to all your chanels

  7. Fredale

    FredaleHour ago

    ZHC is like Art Mrbeast.

  8. Tigf097

    Tigf097Hour ago

    So bad

  9. Werewolf pack Lea

    Werewolf pack Lea4 hours ago

    I will never see gum the same way now 0-0 ✌✌✌✌✌🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  10. darven darilus

    darven darilus4 hours ago

    love your content


    NISHI BANSAL5 hours ago

    Makenzie made the best one

  12. Emily Builds

    Emily Builds5 hours ago

    I always pop my fish oil in my mouth and it tastes good XD

  13. Raamachandra reddy k

    Raamachandra reddy k9 hours ago

    Gross yak

  14. Winnie Flamingo

    Winnie Flamingo10 hours ago

    I can’t eat gum because of Izzy’s

  15. Winnie Flamingo

    Winnie Flamingo10 hours ago

    Ew the ASMR

  16. Winnie Flamingo

    Winnie Flamingo10 hours ago

    Zach is crazy

  17. Maurianne Labanlic

    Maurianne Labanlic12 hours ago

    I like Jaz because she looks like Charlie D'Amelio


    JADEN FU LI XIANG Moe12 hours ago

    fish oil is not that bad ;-;

  19. Chary love

    Chary love13 hours ago

    Was Michelle born in 1998


    TYLER FOOTE17 hours ago


  21. Shancai Granger.Li.Jianjian

    Shancai Granger.Li.Jianjian19 hours ago

    wait if u ate the first one at 0:03 then wouldn't that be 9999 gumballs

  22. Josiah Stirewalt

    Josiah Stirewalt20 hours ago

    is it really

  23. gloria Boateng

    gloria BoatengDay ago


  24. Lyonyx

    LyonyxDay ago

    ZHC Best

  25. Euqirne Gaming

    Euqirne GamingDay ago


  26. Max Lee

    Max LeeDay ago


  27. Muhammad Ibrahim

    Muhammad IbrahimDay ago

    zhc i drawed u logo

  28. NayakaKim GWiratara

    NayakaKim GWirataraDay ago

    1:24 this is now my favorite scene in the vidio

  29. Lhadee Tumbali

    Lhadee TumbaliDay ago

    I like gum and i dont care if its gross chewing gum

  30. Alexis Butler

    Alexis ButlerDay ago

    It’s so funny that 5 out of 6 artist have coloured hair it’s really funny

  31. Aiden Situ

    Aiden SituDay ago

    this grossed me out and made me hungry at the same time.

  32. • Tøast •

    • Tøast •Day ago

    I hate gum and my stomach hurts just watching this....💀

  33. Mikey ‘s life And games

    Mikey ‘s life And gamesDay ago

    Send me 2 custom unspeakable made iPhone 11 and A custom-made skate park scooter.

  34. Cameron Fein

    Cameron Fein2 days ago

    i want to be in a video to

  35. Olivia Bridges

    Olivia Bridges2 days ago

    Is it just me or was I the only one who thought my phone was failing when it said system failure, it scared me 😅,

  36. Carter Thompson

    Carter Thompson2 days ago

    Where is Viv

  37. bri gal

    bri gal2 days ago

    im gonna throw up why did you guys- why would you do a challenge like this?!?!

  38. Cutie Pie xoxo

    Cutie Pie xoxo2 days ago


  39. Allyse Nightmare

    Allyse Nightmare2 days ago

    I feel like Jake is just the Karl of crafts-

  40. Ameerah Maha

    Ameerah Maha2 days ago

    Jk everybody is cute

  41. Ameerah Maha

    Ameerah Maha2 days ago

    Yeah I know jazz smile are so cute me and jazz are twins jk but I can pretend we both girls❤❤💚💚💙💙💜🧡🧡💛❤❤🙂

  42. Debasman Koley PYP6B International School of Helsingborg

    Debasman Koley PYP6B International School of Helsingborg2 days ago

    the first one showed 100,00 dollars not 100,000

  43. Sumaiya's corner

    Sumaiya's corner2 days ago


  44. Min Roblox

    Min Roblox2 days ago

    I want Jake to win

  45. labeeb ihsaan

    labeeb ihsaan2 days ago

    My mouth got tired

  46. Omar Albadawi

    Omar Albadawi2 days ago

    i mean when they started it wasnt a 100k it was 99999 xd

  47. kerplowee

    kerplowee2 days ago

    Epic vid!

  48. 『MR』SQUAD98

    『MR』SQUAD982 days ago

    Mackenzie I love him

  49. Margie Palacol

    Margie Palacol2 days ago

    Right when izzy dint have an idea on what to make I got an add Like I'm serious

  50. Abiha Khan

    Abiha Khan2 days ago

    i thought the winner would be jake but its jaz

  51. Daniel Alonzo

    Daniel Alonzo2 days ago

    i feel like mckenzie should have won

  52. Wizard Panda

    Wizard Panda2 days ago

    I thought my iPad died when it paused

  53. [Pavz]

    [Pavz]2 days ago

    This is one of the grossest videos zhc has made

  54. Brandon Le

    Brandon Le2 days ago

    you mean 99,999 cuz u ate one

  55. Adaliz Umpierre

    Adaliz Umpierre2 days ago

    Chew chew rip zhc squad

  56. Ava

    Ava2 days ago

    I sit here all day just watching ZHC’s Video LOL😂

  57. Gacha Devil

    Gacha Devil2 days ago

    I said system failure I almost thought my phone had broken LOL

  58. Shabana Maalik

    Shabana Maalik3 days ago

    I thought my screen froze 🤦🏽‍♀️

  59. Walter Mesquita

    Walter Mesquita3 days ago

    Noooo f you jaz joking I was going for you

  60. Jake Miller

    Jake Miller3 days ago


  61. Bryce Chennault

    Bryce Chennault3 days ago

    McKenzie should have won

  62. Cynthia Lefebvre

    Cynthia Lefebvre3 days ago

    This challenge was disgusting I couldn’t even watch

  63. Toxicity Spider

    Toxicity Spider3 days ago

    The shoe song is nice

  64. Stxllxr

    Stxllxr3 days ago

    8:57 i thought my pc was broken lol...

  65. Stxllxr

    Stxllxr3 days ago

    5:56 the Sypher PK Music!

  66. Bergen Kiel Mercado

    Bergen Kiel Mercado3 days ago


  67. Sanskriti Ramesh

    Sanskriti Ramesh3 days ago

    Love the challenges in this video

  68. Emily Brindley

    Emily Brindley3 days ago

    It is really cool how everyone has different colour hair

  69. Antonia Lofajova

    Antonia Lofajova3 days ago

    Michelle is 1 year older than Zac

  70. HappyZen

    HappyZen3 days ago

    Zhc is just trying to make us eat unhelthy😑


    H10 JAHNAV KOTHA3 days ago


  72. Seema Kushwaha

    Seema Kushwaha3 days ago

    If you keep on click bating I am out

  73. Mr Meow

    Mr Meow3 days ago

    I eat fish oil sometimes it taste fine



    I likes jazs


    ANN COLALUCA3 days ago

    hi your my fav youtuber :))

  76. Sanela Junuzovic

    Sanela Junuzovic3 days ago

    Yes they will have to get a little extra time

  77. It’sLouann Jdgeh

    It’sLouann Jdgeh3 days ago

    You could literally make a rainbow with everyone’s hair 😂😂

  78. Don McGinlay

    Don McGinlay3 days ago

    Hi zhci i will very like if you give me a shout out

  79. Aleyna CELIKLER

    Aleyna CELIKLER4 days ago

    The girl whit purpel hair looks like lauren

  80. FireGaming

    FireGaming4 days ago

    Nooooo this vid was so good personally I would have picked Makenzie.

  81. David PLAYZ

    David PLAYZ4 days ago

    so nasty

  82. Prince

    Prince4 days ago

    5:56 I laughed so hard

  83. Carolina Lamosa Teixeira

    Carolina Lamosa Teixeira4 days ago

    Me in that video: just chewing on the gum and not getting anything finished LOL 😅🤣😂

  84. Mikuhh. Vip

    Mikuhh. Vip4 days ago

    Hello Zhc When do you send a giveway Gift (Ps5) won by a 9 year old boy (your fan). You asked for the money in advance, but the package has not been sent. Please send the Ps5. We allready paid for shipping 50.- dollars. And now have to pay advance costum fee 80.- dollars When calling the customs, it was said that nothing had to be paid in advance, but only when it arrived

  85. Tiffany Ye

    Tiffany Ye4 days ago

    I almost threw up.... I can’t watch people chew gum and spit out the saliva from the gum. Gosh I also almost threw up just typing this sorry! No hate to ZHC

  86. Mr Mercur

    Mr Mercur4 days ago

    I like fish oil

  87. Eziequel John Estedola

    Eziequel John Estedola4 days ago

    Bassicly jaw training

  88. Prince Bigornia

    Prince Bigornia4 days ago


  89. Mr shadow Dude

    Mr shadow Dude4 days ago

    Ay Zach ya like jazz

  90. Tresia Mathew

    Tresia Mathew4 days ago


  91. PurpleWhale._.

    PurpleWhale._.4 days ago

    When ZHC is bored and is craving candy: Buys 100,000 gumballs. Me when I'm bored and is craving candy: Turns Netflix on and raids my fridge.

  92. Kira Newcomer

    Kira Newcomer4 days ago

    For the blowing challenge i outdoor go run and grab a leaf blower really quick

  93. Sunshine Sunrise

    Sunshine Sunrise4 days ago

    Who else saw jake wyping his eyes?

  94. Eva Spreuwenberg

    Eva Spreuwenberg4 days ago


  95. martin mathara

    martin mathara4 days ago

    i love zhc arts but this was kind of gross no hate plsi really i am a big fun

  96. Bottle Aj

    Bottle Aj4 days ago

    Me: clicked on a random video Me after I read the title: what the f

  97. Shaun & Mathew

    Shaun & Mathew4 days ago

    This feels illegal

  98. Demon Slayer

    Demon Slayer4 days ago

    Every challenge Michelle loses first🥲

  99. Ashlee O'neill

    Ashlee O'neill4 days ago

    How did McKenzie lose??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Noe Chan

    Noe Chan4 days ago

    This video is bad if ur eating XDDD

  101. XXIkonikXX-_-

    XXIkonikXX-_-4 days ago

    0:04 "I bought 100,00 gumballs." 😆

  102. Game Control Ms

    Game Control Ms4 days ago

    Zack: I have 100,000 gumballs Also Zack: "eats one Me: now you have 999,999 gumballs

  103. Carmen Flores

    Carmen Flores4 days ago

    Now I see why they so fit and thick love your content new subscriber omw to see all these videos

  104. Julianne LaBier

    Julianne LaBier4 days ago

    i think this is the grossest iv seen of ur vids

  105. Kayla Zarves-Good

    Kayla Zarves-Good4 days ago

    I just realized that izzy is the only one without died hair😂🤣