Make The 0.1% Chance Trickshot, I’ll Buy You Anything

I'm back with another make the shot, I'll buy you anything challenge! Who will take home the most today?!
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Make The 0.1% Chance Trickshot, WIN The PS5
INSANE Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge 🏀
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  1. Jesser

    JesserMonth ago

    Giveaway Winners! @caleb_scheidler @footballnerd74 @officialkiddaniel

  2. Alexander Gomez

    Alexander Gomez2 days ago

    I love ur vids

  3. Alexander Gomez

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  4. Caleb Scheidler

    Caleb Scheidler28 days ago

    Bro thank you so much

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  7. OG Simpson

    OG Simpson5 hours ago

    That intro tho I thought I was flying

  8. Danny Do

    Danny Do3 days ago

    3:14 broo

  9. Paolo Angelo

    Paolo Angelo4 days ago

    I hate it when Zack won the final challenge because he always win most of the time, but after seeing him spend all the money he won on those kids I’ve changed my mind. Respect to Zack!

  10. JT Hutchinson

    JT Hutchinson4 days ago

    Zach is the nicest person alive

  11. Derek Anhaeuser

    Derek Anhaeuser6 days ago


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    chuck tip7 days ago


  13. Nicholas Valenzona

    Nicholas Valenzona7 days ago


  14. Grizzl

    Grizzl8 days ago

    Zac the best in these types of things

  15. Ashley Redmond

    Ashley Redmond10 days ago

    I don’t have a internstergram

  16. Sam Is Sus

    Sam Is Sus10 days ago

    I have those purple and pink LeBrons

  17. IceyFlamez

    IceyFlamez12 days ago


  18. JerseyCollectorJon

    JerseyCollectorJon12 days ago

    Jesse going juggling Josh mode on the backwards half court shot

  19. Tramonatram

    Tramonatram14 days ago


  20. Laia Smith

    Laia Smith14 days ago


  21. Laia Smith

    Laia Smith14 days ago


  22. Laia Smith

    Laia Smith14 days ago

    Fine Boston And bulls my team

  23. Youjustgotrickrolled

    Youjustgotrickrolled14 days ago

    2:18 a rich bois face

  24. Leed 215

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  26. Life of jansen

    Life of jansen16 days ago


  27. Billy Galvin

    Billy Galvin19 days ago

    zack out here preparing for his kids

  28. Cohen Rau

    Cohen Rau19 days ago

    That ball is flat 6:40

  29. Dominic Kreiter

    Dominic Kreiter20 days ago

    9:25 wholesome dino

  30. Titanium R

    Titanium R20 days ago


  31. Travcat469

    Travcat46921 day ago

    That intro though

  32. Darky

    Darky21 day ago

    24 seconds out

  33. Kay Breezy

    Kay Breezy22 days ago

    Sup Chris Chris Chris Chris

  34. Lucid VILX

    Lucid VILX22 days ago

    What happened to chris somebody tell me

  35. Elite Productions

    Elite Productions24 days ago

    Grandpa zack at the end lol

  36. Elijah Martin

    Elijah Martin25 days ago

    Kick jidel out of 2 hype I hate 2 hype bc of him

  37. H Jones

    H Jones25 days ago

    Please have it please

  38. H Jones

    H Jones25 days ago


  39. Coop Productions

    Coop Productions25 days ago

    What happen to kris

  40. Isaiah Marte

    Isaiah Marte26 days ago


  41. Sean Mehta

    Sean Mehta28 days ago

    Damn the last give away hit different

  42. Moëz Ahmad Khan

    Moëz Ahmad KhanMonth ago


  43. Pio Clariken G

    Pio Clariken GMonth ago

    wish i could wear kobe jersey someday

  44. Pio Clariken G

    Pio Clariken GMonth ago

    i want kobe jersey..

  45. Richie Haring

    Richie HaringMonth ago

    I can't believe i stood where Jesser stood in hawaii

  46. Jack Kristofco

    Jack KristofcoMonth ago

    jkristofco or alex_pero11

  47. Joey Hernandez

    Joey HernandezMonth ago

    Very wholesome at the end 💜

  48. Carlos Paulino

    Carlos PaulinoMonth ago


  49. spunz

    spunzMonth ago


  50. xd freakgraal

    xd freakgraalMonth ago

    damn lucky kids

  51. The Newsman

    The NewsmanMonth ago

    Did anyone else just click for kris’ Celtics Jersey

  52. Preston Suksdorf

    Preston SuksdorfMonth ago

    At this point I don’t believe any of Jessie’s best drops

  53. Q.Corleone -Topic

    Q.Corleone -TopicMonth ago

    Nobody ever gets those gifts cards

  54. Jody Squire

    Jody SquireMonth ago

    There's a bit too much effects in the vid

  55. Max Williams

    Max WilliamsMonth ago

    why is kris not wearing jaylen browns jersey

  56. Epic skater 101

    Epic skater 101Month ago

    I think I should win cause someone said you were my doppelgänger Insta is @__yoni__v

  57. Keion Thomas

    Keion ThomasMonth ago

    My Instagram is keion6

  58. Yug Kheni

    Yug KheniMonth ago

    Yug kheni

  59. random antics

    random anticsMonth ago

    The ending was sick

  60. Jazzy Cars

    Jazzy CarsMonth ago

    Jazzy kicks is my insta

  61. slithery-tinker6

    slithery-tinker6Month ago

    I realy love all there videos

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  64. Liad Yehezkel

    Liad YehezkelMonth ago


  65. Johnathon Pittman

    Johnathon PittmanMonth ago

    6:38 the ball was flat

  66. Jamez Vlog ph

    Jamez Vlog phMonth ago

    Can you notice me

  67. Noah Sierra

    Noah SierraMonth ago


  68. Jay Parr

    Jay ParrMonth ago


  69. Shay Zeitoune

    Shay ZeitouneMonth ago

    how come zack always finds that crazy good jersey in the back of all the jerseys

  70. Sid Raj

    Sid RajMonth ago

    Wholesome Dino Zackosaurus

  71. Brody Kline

    Brody KlineMonth ago


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  73. TheExtremeGamer

    TheExtremeGamerMonth ago

    instagram username: young_fando

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  75. Juan Nente

    Juan NenteMonth ago

    juan_nente17 and thank you so much for the opportunity Jesse you are one of the best USloftrs bro keep up the great work much love 💓

  76. meagan Davison

    meagan DavisonMonth ago

    Always fun to watch your competitions!

  77. Faster Boo

    Faster BooMonth ago

    The intro? Wtf

  78. jbt4realz

    jbt4realzMonth ago

    6:40 why was jesses thumb in the ball? 😂

  79. Virus Void

    Virus VoidMonth ago


  80. Elias Figueroa

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  81. Knxg Junior

    Knxg JuniorMonth ago

    How tf did kris get injured now

  82. Raps In 4

    Raps In 4Month ago

    Also 6:39... you’re a basketball group why tf you deflating basketballs just for trick shots... SMH..

  83. Dewayne2x

    Dewayne2xMonth ago

    Did I win a card? My instagram name is Dewayne2x

  84. Dane Boe

    Dane BoeMonth ago

    Dude I wanna hoop with them so bad😭

  85. Zac Petersen

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  86. SwayState2k

    SwayState2kMonth ago

    First thing i see is a larry bird jersy and a m.j one

  87. scoobydoo100395

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    Richandkatie13 IG. Baby on the way. Want a baby pair of jordans

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    R.I.P I don’t have Instagram.

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    It's so weird seeing Kristopher London with a mustache he looks better

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    Insta: Christian Beverlin

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    Sneakerdoes405_ up coming reseller