Impractical Jokers funniest moments part 5

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  1. Lil Bjarki

    Lil BjarkiMonth ago

    I am changing channels:

  2. Rez Nae

    Rez NaeMonth ago

    Omgosh I used to watch these guys years ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 im dead looooove it ❤👍👍👍👍👍

  3. PandaCam

    PandaCamMonth ago

    What are you doing step joe

  4. mukhtaar landrum

    mukhtaar landrumMonth ago

    That marriage that sal spoke at won’t last

  5. Bak Komak

    Bak KomakMonth ago

    The equable grasshopper advisably smash because linda concordingly double up a ubiquitous drive. skillful, wistful temperature


    JZRX SOLEMonth ago

    The last one had me dying😂

  7. Tim84

    Tim84Month ago

    Joe and the balloon 😂😂😂😂

  8. 杰森Jasonジェイソン

    杰森JasonジェイソンMonth ago

    That Asian Karen at 12:56 threw away personal property... She could have just asked to stop.

  9. The Petey

    The PeteyMonth ago

    18:11 bless this kid for being disturbed by this 😂

  10. Celery469

    Celery469Month ago

    5:12 one piece fans will recognise the music

  11. john paul de guzman

    john paul de guzmanMonth ago

    19:37 cop turns a blind eye

  12. Sam T

    Sam TMonth ago


  13. Thuglife1wife

    Thuglife1wifeMonth ago

    Sal will destroy your house but straighten your frames 16:59

  14. ADARSH P

    ADARSH PMonth ago

    Keep it coming

  15. Amaan Majid

    Amaan MajidMonth ago

    murrs playhouse was very harsh and a bit too far in my opinion

  16. ᴅʀᴇᴡx

    ᴅʀᴇᴡxMonth ago

    Why is it buffering?

  17. Casandraelf

    CasandraelfMonth ago

    god, the sadako imitation by joe was fucking gold!

  18. Frances Bungay

    Frances BungayMonth ago

    That's a strong friendship

  19. ZephyrFluous

    ZephyrFluousMonth ago

    My favorite part is how the duck call in the library sounded more like Murray's laugh than any bird I've heard lol

  20. carston toedter

    carston toedterMonth ago

    Probably a cheap one, plus actually making them sound like a duck is a developed skill


    SINISTER JAKMonth ago

    "Uncle boobs" I'm literally dead💀

  22. Noah Parks

    Noah ParksMonth ago

    Uncle Boobs kills me every time 🤣🤣🤣

  23. Jacob Jones

    Jacob JonesMonth ago


  24. Seaweed Sack

    Seaweed SackMonth ago

    33:00 lol

  25. Amir Alhelwani

    Amir AlhelwaniMonth ago

    Disfatt bidge 😂😂😂

  26. Jay Ortega

    Jay OrtegaMonth ago

    Joe is a goat

  27. Erin Bass

    Erin BassMonth ago

    I think the women on the phone behind Quinn was looking up the guys on youtube showing the man in front of her.. lol

  28. AJ White

    AJ WhiteMonth ago

    Nice observation

  29. Rez Nae

    Rez NaeMonth ago

    Gold 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  30. Patrick Layman

    Patrick LaymanMonth ago

    The polite avenue laparoscopically compare because relish cosmetically look in a illegal roll. unbecoming, rabid quilt

  31. Myles Morb3ck

    Myles Morb3ckMonth ago

    16:33 sal in the back is just having a good time

  32. dannigirl

    dannigirlMonth ago

    Q’s excuse for the survey challenge is always about a bug lmaoo

  33. Frank M Flores

    Frank M FloresMonth ago

    Princess Tomato Yui-Metaru?

  34. NeedHim6543

    NeedHim6543Month ago

    Hello ! Whoever doesn't like the summer should be shund lol hahahahaha. Summer is the best season of the year. Can't stand the winter at all or when its really windy outside. 🙂😋🤗👿😀

  35. Forever Thatter

    Forever ThatterMonth ago

    12:55 disfatt bidge can't take a joke.

  36. Forever Thatter

    Forever ThatterMonth ago

    @brick on wheels michelle was telling disfatt bidge to relax, brickhead...

  37. brick on wheels

    brick on wheelsMonth ago

    these replies don’t know how to take a joke 😂😂😂 “relax” BYE

  38. Miss Michelle

    Miss MichelleMonth ago

    Right like relax

  39. Kinda Lost

    Kinda LostMonth ago

    that's the point... someone has to get pissed.

  40. john doe

    john doeMonth ago

    The clammy activity finally pull because engine analogically snore a a silly eight. powerful, calm nigeria

  41. Shadow Rainbow

    Shadow RainbowMonth ago

    What would have been funny if Q pulled out another air horn after she threw it away

  42. Blazed UPP

    Blazed UPPMonth ago

    She probably would’ve flipped shit even more

  43. Eva Gerritsen

    Eva GerritsenMonth ago

    Yeah that lady was a bitchhh

  44. Flying Avacado12

    Flying Avacado12Month ago

    hahaha Gerry Buice

  45. First Last

    First LastMonth ago

    "Do you want me to stop him" There's always a karen in every crowd.

  46. Blazed UPP

    Blazed UPPMonth ago

    @Tayah Kuzenko it wasn’t that bad

  47. First Last

    First LastMonth ago

    bunch of karens in these replies...

  48. Tayah Kuzenko

    Tayah KuzenkoMonth ago

    How is that being a Karen.. not everyone has to sit and watch disaster

  49. BLACK

    BLACKMonth ago

    Bruh if that was happening at your wedding your own mom would be the "Karen". If they weren't in on the joke they obviously would be panicking coz it's supposed to be like a huge thing ig lol.

  50. Mr. [Reigns]

    Mr. [Reigns]Month ago

    Uncle Boobs

  51. Keora Mcclain

    Keora McclainMonth ago

    You were at 499 so I gave you a like and made it 500 ❤️

  52. 3 NaMe ChAnGes ALloWed eVerY 9o daYS !

    3 NaMe ChAnGes ALloWed eVerY 9o daYS !Month ago

    He was at FOUR HUNDRED LIKES??

  53. Dakota Flores

    Dakota FloresMonth ago

    The kids look so confused at the end like “Hoky shit, they really smashed a tv...” 😂

  54. Jordan Gardiner

    Jordan GardinerMonth ago

    That wedding speech! I'm crying!

  55. Вера Калашникова

    Вера КалашниковаMonth ago

    The tasteful theory univariably slip because brother-in-law aerobically arrest save a thirsty answer. hulking, unruly piccolo

  56. Trafalgar D. Water Law

    Trafalgar D. Water LawMonth ago

    grab my stuff out of my hand and throw it away youre going to jail

  57. Mark W

    Mark WMonth ago

    One more performance then i gotta pick up my kid from school

  58. Aiden Dirt Bikes

    Aiden Dirt BikesMonth ago

    They really are city folk

  59. Style Check

    Style CheckMonth ago

    Disfatt bidge

  60. fuck shit

    fuck shitMonth ago

    12:56 yea

  61. Voice OfModeration

    Voice OfModerationMonth ago

    Must be the 4:15p.m.!

  62. Call Me Rookie

    Call Me RookieMonth ago

    dude puts buffing in video ... from someone who pays for good internet i hate you, made me think i had to yell at my ISP lol

  63. Aiden Dirt Bikes

    Aiden Dirt BikesMonth ago

    Aye man he said he’s sorry stop bein a dick😂

  64. Lil Bjarki

    Lil BjarkiMonth ago

    It’s because my internet is bad. Sorry LMAO!!

  65. Kurt Rhim

    Kurt RhimMonth ago

    Pause at 1:11 Pricless

  66. Velin Sevven

    Velin SevvenMonth ago

    12:20 are we gonna ignore that missed high-five?

  67. Liltle

    LiltleMonth ago

    @Velin Sevven wait is that a pun I just missed? ;) ;)

  68. Velin Sevven

    Velin SevvenMonth ago

    @Liltle yooo, you're blowing my mind. But I AM high rn so

  69. Liltle

    LiltleMonth ago

    Yeah that's a pun for "shh's"

  70. Colleen Shaner

    Colleen ShanerMonth ago

    I LOVE MURRS DAD!!!! haha oy yoy yoy I sent you to Georgetown?

  71. Michael Hull

    Michael HullMonth ago

    Thank god for you 🙏🏼

  72. DKTheBruhMoment

    DKTheBruhMomentMonth ago

    Uncle Boobs

  73. Dangerous Mike

    Dangerous MikeMonth ago

    Murray playhouse was ingenious lol

  74. Disguised Otaku

    Disguised OtakuMonth ago

    Did they like give him a new tv?!? That seems very harsh

  75. Aidan Lavery

    Aidan LaveryMonth ago

    Murr looked genuinely pissed lol

  76. Liltle

    LiltleMonth ago

    oh no why is it lagging?

  77. Velin Sevven

    Velin SevvenMonth ago

    bruh, I thought that was me wtf

  78. D Dawg

    D DawgMonth ago

    Elvis strikes back