Birmingham BEASTS!! Our First Hunt in Alabama (STATE RECORD)

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    SEEK ONEMonth ago

    BJ’s story of his record buck “High Hopes” coming this September! Y’all stay tuned for it!!

  2. Clay Mcleod

    Clay McleodMonth ago

    @Jerry Parkey I don’t know

  3. Jerry Parkey

    Jerry ParkeyMonth ago

    Hey bud, how can I send you some trail cam pics

  4. Jerry Parkey

    Jerry ParkeyMonth ago

    @Clay Mcleod big 8s,9s big 10s two 11 pointers a couple of 13 pointers, this season a 7 in a half year old 6 pointer

  5. Nicholas Smith

    Nicholas SmithMonth ago

    A what’s up I wanted to tell you y’all have really inspired me about deer hunting me and my dad had been doing it but now we are really into am 10 we have 2000 acres and 14 acresAnd I already have a 160 on camera thank you for the great contant

  6. Clay Mcleod

    Clay McleodMonth ago

    @Jerry Parkey what all have you killed back there

  7. Dwayne King

    Dwayne King8 days ago

    I always watch hunting videos and would love love love to do a hunt but don’t know where to go or what to do.

  8. Dwayne King

    Dwayne King8 days ago

    Awesome video guys!!!

  9. Carter Fountain

    Carter Fountain13 days ago

    everyone like the vid- i would love to see lee in the bass pro tank

  10. Jason Nester

    Jason Nester15 days ago

    Takes a lot of acres and exclusive property to get hunts like this


    TRUETT JAMES16 days ago

    So underrated

  12. Marsha Lane

    Marsha Lane18 days ago

    All dem hater shouldn't even watch


    THE LZ MOVEMENT19 days ago

    Can’t believe you was in my hometown and never even seen you


    THE LZ MOVEMENT19 days ago

    I’m right down the road

  15. John Elsberry

    John Elsberry19 days ago

    What are you doing hunting in Birmingham area stay in Georgia. An for your buddy he. Should loose the lease .

  16. SickLicense

    SickLicense23 days ago

    what stand do you all use? looking for better setup to hunt out of instead of a old big heavy climber.

  17. Terry Howie

    Terry Howie25 days ago

    Great channel guys!!

  18. Aedan Murtagh

    Aedan Murtagh26 days ago

    Why would you want to kill it

  19. Jack

    Jack27 days ago

    I’m from alabama. Good to see some action down here.

  20. Δημήτρης Λέκας

    Δημήτρης Λέκας27 days ago


  21. CJ WHITE

    CJ WHITE27 days ago

    Love y’all’s channel

  22. Calvin mauger

    Calvin mauger27 days ago

    Sweet deal keep it up man

  23. Tiffany Bradstreet

    Tiffany Bradstreet29 days ago

    I hare killing animals and stop

  24. Dylan S

    Dylan SMonth ago


  25. Chris White

    Chris WhiteMonth ago

    like the video

  26. Uncle Nasty

    Uncle NastyMonth ago

    I got a similar story brewing here,,, this will be my second year bow hunting city limits stuff here in Arkansas,, all because I accidentally watched a seek one video,,, I knocked on doors tracked down land owners and before I knew it I was going out and buying more cameras cause I didn't have near enough,,, hopefully I'll be able to post some success stories, I've got some real prospects for sure,,, bigger than any I've seen around here before all nice and cozy in places most folks would never believe

  27. Lincoln Graves

    Lincoln GravesMonth ago

    Is that Sitka gear your wearing? I’ve heard it’s really good.

  28. Lincoln Graves

    Lincoln GravesMonth ago

    I wanna see him the tank!!!!!!

  29. Ken Chun

    Ken ChunMonth ago

    Animal cruelty

  30. tyler smith

    tyler smithMonth ago

    Let’s hit 50k likes ! I wanna see you swimming!!!

  31. Barry Tree

    Barry TreeMonth ago

    I’m 65 and retired June 2020. I would sooner hunt than anything else. I don’t bow hunt but I bought a muzzle loader a few weeks

  32. Jon

    JonMonth ago

    Hey great vids question what game cams are you using

  33. Preston Mace

    Preston MaceMonth ago

    You should hunt in Union, Missouri it’s insane how big the bucks are.

  34. Kyle Bell

    Kyle BellMonth ago

    Did yall ever go kill those squirrels for the older lady that gave you permission to hunt her property?

  35. Nolan Beaulieu

    Nolan BeaulieuMonth ago

    Love your videos. 🦌

  36. Matthew Smith

    Matthew SmithMonth ago

    I just read the article about Georgia potentially banning bow hunting in some urban areas on tracts of land smaller than 10 acres. I immediately thought of you guys. Curious to hear your thoughts and if you guys are involved at all. I know this would be a major impact to you guys. Best, Matt

  37. Josh Banko

    Josh BankoMonth ago

    This video better get 50k.

  38. Jacob Parks

    Jacob ParksMonth ago

    I live in Alabama we have big 🦌

  39. Jasond570

    Jasond570Month ago

    It was before the Rob episode is when I decided I wanted to go hunt, after watching content for awhile now I decided to pull the trigger. Today after many hours I completed my hunter safety course from the bottom of my heart thank you

  40. rinchen depps

    rinchen deppsMonth ago

    Stop killing animals 🙏

  41. Isaac Cocks

    Isaac CocksMonth ago

    Have you guys tried dead down wind sent killer spray


    FLIKS WYDMonth ago

    I’m from Alabama around Birmingham

  43. Real World Marksman

    Real World MarksmanMonth ago

    I’ll admit when y’all came on a few years ago being a Ga man myself, I did not believe y’all were legitimately killing all these deer. After watching all the work and prayer you’re putting in I’m a believer man. Congratulations again. Well done. And thank you for putting the lord first.

  44. Luke Brandon

    Luke BrandonMonth ago

    Love what yall do and what yall stand for! Keep it up

  45. Shredding44

    Shredding44Month ago

    When someone says "buck" this is exactly what they envision. This is the buck of every bow hunters dream congrats!

  46. Heather

    HeatherMonth ago


  47. Chris Canterbury

    Chris CanterburyMonth ago

    Give him a like, I want to see him jump in the fish tank haha

  48. Johnny DeBlieux IV

    Johnny DeBlieux IVMonth ago

    Great deer... But! that isn’t the #1 typical or non typical bow buck in Bama... not the non typical by a long shot... the records are 231” non and 192” typical



    @Johnny DeBlieux IV Emerson seems like a good dude and an awesome deer he has!

  50. Johnny DeBlieux IV

    Johnny DeBlieux IVMonth ago

    The only reason I said anything is because one of my very good buddies has the typical record just wanted to clarify. I’m jealous of both of you.



    Thx for watching Johnny. In the video I explain. #1 all time Buckmasters semi irregular compound bow #2 all time typical #5 all time non typical Appreciate your support 😊

  52. Ebersole Outdoors

    Ebersole OutdoorsMonth ago

    An unbelievable story! It’s such a relief when it all comes together after all the hard work you put in. I love the video seek1 guys keep up the great work. God bless !

  53. Dillon Muth

    Dillon MuthMonth ago

    Great video! When ya'll plannin on launching the masterclass?

  54. MadGrayFox10

    MadGrayFox10Month ago

    Congratulations y’all on a great season. I enjoyed being taken along on your journeys. I’m already looking forward to next season.

  55. Aden Abner

    Aden AbnerMonth ago

    dude great job u killed it right before my birthday was the 5th and I killed a 7 point the last day of muzzle loader season my first buck too ur videos are great dude

  56. Kevin Baker

    Kevin BakerMonth ago

    They were in bama and I didn’t know omg that sucks wanna meet them so bad keep up the good work man 👍👍


    ANTON ALVAREZMonth ago

    wait so yall literally pulled over on the freeway and hunted.. thats a real hunter move right there

  58. Christopher Bussema

    Christopher BussemaMonth ago


  59. Benjamin Tracy

    Benjamin TracyMonth ago

    You wanna hunt some Kansas bucks let me know man!

  60. AJs YouTube

    AJs YouTubeMonth ago

    Y’all 15 minutes away from me lol 😂

  61. Anna Brooks

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  62. Wyatt Jones

    Wyatt JonesMonth ago

    How would you handle a deer running onto another persons property after its shot?

  63. Peyton Miller

    Peyton MillerMonth ago

    My home state, my home city. Welcome to Alabama

  64. Ridge Cozart

    Ridge CozartMonth ago

    Love how you guys show it all. The good and the bad. Most shows only show you the successes, that’s not the reality of bow hunting. Getting winded, deer picking you off, it happens to the best of us. Love how you include that. Keep up the good work!

  65. AMG_Leafy

    AMG_LeafyMonth ago

    Like U f*cks lol i wanna see this

  66. Boys Towles

    Boys TowlesMonth ago

    where the deer. all I see is a cow.

  67. Matty Bean

    Matty BeanMonth ago

    The first museum obviously travel because america erroneously back near a guiltless forest. separate, nonchalant preface

  68. shoup luci

    shoup luciMonth ago

    The gaudy aunt strangely produce because history ontogenetically touch vice a disturbed surfboard. selfish, spotty hyacinth

  69. CentralPaOutdoorsmen

    CentralPaOutdoorsmenMonth ago

    50 k likes let’s get it

  70. CobbCreekOutfittersTv

    CobbCreekOutfittersTvMonth ago

    How in the 🤬🤬 you make tht shot!! 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ Nice!!

  71. the reedneck boy

    the reedneck boyMonth ago

    How do you hunt after hunting season

  72. Brian Miller

    Brian MillerMonth ago

    I’m always impressed by your guys cinematography. Production quality is insane

  73. Lens Wicked

    Lens WickedMonth ago

    That’s the bass pro in Leeds Alabama and y’all passed my house when you went past mineral springs this is fucking awesome lmao 😂

  74. grant ofield

    grant ofieldMonth ago

    love the way you show your christian faith in these videos keep on doing what your dong.

  75. Tim Gruver

    Tim GruverMonth ago

    That's one hell of a buck in the video thumbnail pic. Huge 8 if I ever saw one. Just one question- have you ever tried shortening the release set up so your trigger finger actually hooks over the trigger instead of you reaching out to touch the trigger? Then you can just pull thru the shot with your back muscles and make the trigger release function just like a backtension release. Just for heck of it watch "bow Only Outdoors" on USloft. Very good instruction on different release set up

  76. Rattling Junkie

    Rattling JunkieMonth ago

    That's the state record?

  77. Bryan Dill

    Bryan DillMonth ago

    Man congratulations I live in Shelby County myself, I wanted to hunt this year 3 years ago I was coming down out of a ladder stand and fell and shattered my ankle. I broke my Tabula and fibula in 13 places, dr said I would never walk again. After 6 months of rehab, it was all GOD he made the way. Now I walk and climb again this has been a tuff year so hopefully I can get back at it next year..

  78. BigMerkGee

    BigMerkGeeMonth ago

    I've turned loose coondog in Birmingham; but I'm yet to deer hunt in the city!😉

  79. Bryan Dill

    Bryan DillMonth ago

    City limit Bucks!!

  80. Zoid plasm

    Zoid plasmMonth ago

    what truck is that they are driving

  81. maddie tate

    maddie tateMonth ago

    Great to see you in al where I live. I live an 30-45 mins from Birmingham

  82. Greg Vanfleet

    Greg VanfleetMonth ago

    Too much filler footage in this video

  83. Connor Reist

    Connor ReistMonth ago

    Love you guys keep doing what your doing. But If you were to pick a beginner bow for someone what would it be.

  84. Allen Camron

    Allen CamronMonth ago

    Gots to been in Gadsden

  85. Hudosn Pilcher

    Hudosn PilcherMonth ago

    My brother killed a spike when he was seven years old

  86. Richardson Outdoors

    Richardson OutdoorsMonth ago

    Misleading title but as always great video

  87. Tanner Naas

    Tanner NaasMonth ago

    you know this guy is the best when it’s his first time in a new state and he kills a state record.

  88. Dan Stennis

    Dan StennisMonth ago

    I love the channel. When will the hats be restocked?

  89. Anthony Bates

    Anthony BatesMonth ago

    Probably hunting around Hwy 150 between Hoover and Bessemer!! A lot of big deer around there!

  90. Hollywood Gaming

    Hollywood GamingMonth ago

    We need a gun hunt series!

  91. Hollywood Gaming

    Hollywood GamingMonth ago

    Sweet home Pennsylvania Come up here and shoot dem deers

  92. Charles Parker

    Charles ParkerMonth ago

    Nice buck brother, that was a tuff shot and you got it done very rewarding congratulations.

  93. larry nix

    larry nixMonth ago

    Hey now. Don't be showing our b ham deer.

  94. Backwoods Fanatics

    Backwoods FanaticsMonth ago

    Would love to see you guys attempt some giants around Kansas City!

  95. BasketballFanatic203

    BasketballFanatic203Month ago


  96. JJ McLovin

    JJ McLovinMonth ago

    That was my old high school in the beginning lol

  97. Steven Bryson

    Steven BrysonMonth ago

    Update us on the other deer if they come back



    Hey man I was looking for a bow do you know any good bows or places to get one?

  99. Travis Solsma

    Travis SolsmaMonth ago

    I seen on your day six arrows that it looks like he had lighted nocks? What lighted nocks are you using with them being micro diameter arrows? Just bought some day six arrows and cant find lighted nocks that fit

  100. LoJoe Outdoors

    LoJoe OutdoorsMonth ago

    One "like" closer. Get them trunks on!

  101. DixieFishin With Charles Adderhold

    DixieFishin With Charles AdderholdMonth ago

    This is awesome! I'm from the East Side of Birmingham! So cool to see Vulcan and everything. I drive by it everyday, and live 15 minutes from the Southside. Great video man! We definitely have the big bucks!

  102. Jacob Markley

    Jacob MarkleyMonth ago

    Do a shed hunting video

  103. Andrew Carey

    Andrew CareyMonth ago

    @Seek One the real question is....WHICH Bass Pro is this ? The one in Leeds, Prattville, or Spanish Fort ? I'm assuming Leeds from the looks of the location. I'd LOVE to be there once you hit the 50k likes. I live about 25 minutes from the Leeds location.

  104. Layton atwood

    Layton atwoodMonth ago

    Man this is so cool I live in lower Alabama and seeing this is really awesome. Cool video

  105. North Dakota Outdoor Junkies

    North Dakota Outdoor JunkiesMonth ago

    Just subscribed pretty cool to come across this. Small world lol I use to live in Gardendale and definitely nice mature bucks down that way. Great video. Keep it up and stay safe

  106. Victor Fisher

    Victor FisherMonth ago

    Come down to talladega

  107. Javen Clanton

    Javen ClantonMonth ago


  108. Joyce Shanks

    Joyce ShanksMonth ago

    thats a big deer seek one