Gacha Life TikTok Compilation #35

uhhh don't mind the idk part


  1. 「B X B Y _ KØ Ø K Ī E」 『B¡tch _ ko0k1e』

    「B X B Y _ KØ Ø K Ī E」 『B¡tch _ ko0k1e』Month ago

    Wow💖😂 Official_Rose Official_Rose Official_Rose Not gonna work ik 😭✌️

  2. GamingRobloxYT

    GamingRobloxYTMonth ago

    Nice (;

  3. ニャーUwU

    ニャーUwUMonth ago

    No offence but I really hate anyone who does that

  4. Glitchtime

    GlitchtimeMonth ago

    It worksss

  5. Kenla Craig

    Kenla CraigMonth ago

    do you guys know the song for 14:10

  6. 「B X B Y _ KØ Ø K Ī E」 『B¡tch _ ko0k1e』

    「B X B Y _ KØ Ø K Ī E」 『B¡tch _ ko0k1e』Month ago

    @Kyree Gianni XD hacked her 👁️👄👁️💅

  7. Dani Clam

    Dani Clam3 days ago

    15:41 when you know Blue is a Girl and Magenta is a boy-

  8. Linda Davis

    Linda Davis7 days ago


  9. TitleWave

    TitleWave8 days ago

    29:52 is that kokichi ouma?

  10. Mr AnAn #saveralph

    Mr AnAn #saveralph12 days ago

    22:30 music Name?

  11. Glossy Nisaa

    Glossy Nisaa14 days ago

    14:36 I literally cannot find this song wtf 🥲

  12. Zombiefox

    Zombiefox17 days ago

    26:10 exactly what I do 😎

  13. White Roses

    White Roses20 days ago

    0:01: Fake Blind 1:00: Magic Glasses 1:15: Where are your parents 1:26: Killed them for her 1:47: aiaiaiai 1:58: So I lost something today 2:22: Guitarists 2:37: Stay with me 2:49: Angel & Demon working together 3:47: Gacha Life, what's that? 3:54: At the age of 7 a girl went to Heaven 4:42: I doubt any women has ever died because of a corset 5:01: She died 5:14: Teacher's Pet 6:08: This isn't heat 6:20: My son is Cat Noir 6:29: Royal Vampires 7:20: Royal Vampires 2 8:15: I love you dad! 8:23: Selfie! 8:29: Boys can't wear dresses! 8:38: Bullies 9:14: Knife Catch 9:26: Death Touch 9:41: Bacon 9:52: Payback 10:27: Look away 10:36: He wasn't cheating 11:10: Explaining FNaF 12:10: Glasses (Kinda inappropriate sound ;v;) 12:32: Running change 12:41: When you post a video 12:55: She doesn't love him 13:28: She was dead 13:53: Noob catch this 14:08: Bad family 14:21: Sis duck 14:34: Gacha life and gacha club 14:45: She would cheat 15:20: Deku/Kacchan 15:32: We just got a letter 15:45: I kissed a boy 16:07: She cheated- 16:32: The Promised Neverland 17:03: Teen Titans Go! 17:21: Elsa (Inappropriate sound) 17:37: Blind 17:48: SHE'S MINE 17:59: Bubble Pop 18:07: I like you 18:18: I'm looking for the CEO 18:37: 2 new students! 19:11: She's dangerous 19:31: They both like him 20:00: They both like him 2 20:12: He helps him 20:49: Kitty no 20:57: Knife 21:11: Dodged Hammer 21:20: Fire 21:31: Cataclysm 21:58: Fries (Because I have nothing else to name it :D) 22:08: Detention 22:27: Knife dodge 22:38: Else 2 23:13: I get overwhelmed 23:25: My Clover! 24:22: I'm just like you.. 24:46: Tell me pretty lies 25:05: 2019 vs. 2021 25:18: I had ****** in the school 25:36: Me doing homework 25:45: Take me on a date 25:58: It hit the ground :') 26:10: Miraculous Ladybug 26:20: Knife forcefield 26:35: I like... 26:43: Anime Maker 27:20: Miraculous Ladybug: Fake blind 27:31: Just a small coffee 27:42: Abusive girlfriend 28:09: Emma, become a mom! 28:25: Protected by God 28:38: Teen pregnancy 29:24: SugarCrash! 29:37: Big brother help! 29:52: Backflip Knife 30:01: Age 15, Age 18 30:59: Spot 1-8 31:12: Lesbian Love Triangle If you think of a better name for one reply with the time of which tiktok and the name you think! There were so many dodging a knife I couldn't keep track and I had to try and think of different names for them all ;v;

  14. mikoto

    mikoto20 days ago

    14:20 turned ray ksksks

  15. mikoto

    mikoto20 days ago

    l loved

  16. Willow tree

    Willow tree22 days ago

    qlq'un connait ce meme 2:50 ? Someone know this meme 2:50?

  17. Cozy glitch

    Cozy glitch23 days ago

    1:26 What song is this?

  18. Kookie Krumble

    Kookie Krumble23 days ago

    MUSIC AT 9:26 ?!

  19. { flσωєяιllα }

    { flσωєяιllα }25 days ago

    8:29 OMG so beautiful * - *

  20. •GoodVibesM00n•

    •GoodVibesM00n•27 days ago

    Why does everyone keep cheating 😭

  21. Noa Ochoa Barrachina

    Noa Ochoa Barrachina27 days ago


  22. Margarita Cancino

    Margarita CancinoMonth ago

    Wow amazing video

  23. Letícia Vitoria

    Letícia VitoriaMonth ago

    1:15 where do i find this wonder?

  24. a hero for fun :I

    a hero for fun :IMonth ago

    13:21 can someone please tell me the name of this song cus ive been looking for it.

  25. a hero for fun :I

    a hero for fun :I14 days ago

    @シE q u a n i m o u x Thanks!

  26. シE q u a n i m o u x

    シE q u a n i m o u x29 days ago

    You can search up Paparara

  27. Vern Joseph

    Vern JosephMonth ago

    16:32 17:59 20:12 Anyone know the name of the song?

  28. Vern Joseph

    Vern JosephMonth ago

    8:35 Yassss ✨ Queen's ✨ 18:58 ✨ Nosebleed ✨

  29. Emma•[alya’s ladyblog]•

    Emma•[alya’s ladyblog]•Month ago

    0:07 and 6:21 whats are the names of the songs

  30. •Offixial_LizXy

    •Offixial_LizXyMonth ago

    4:02 No one: The background music:➡️↘️↗️➡️↘️↗️➡️↘️↗️↗️↘️↘️➡️➡️➡️↗️↘️↗️➡️↘️↘️

  31. Camilla Evans

    Camilla EvansMonth ago

    18:41 why this remind me of nicki

  32. • Not Toast •

    • Not Toast •Month ago

    21:11 just saving it don't mind me

  33. Miriam Nunez

    Miriam NunezMonth ago

    31:01 love that line XD

  34. Aibhlinn Pierce

    Aibhlinn PierceMonth ago

    me during half of these videos: I am confusion.They need to explain what is going on cause we would the girl want to steal give us conext.

  35. •Emilio Escape•

    •Emilio Escape•Month ago

    14:21 my fav👍👍

  36. Hollykins B

    Hollykins BMonth ago

    Will this work? Official_Rose Official_Rose Official_Rose Hope this works


    KATHY SIERRAMonth ago

    21:32 is my favorite 🤠🤠

  38. Micailey Edriel Masindo

    Micailey Edriel MasindoMonth ago

    31:32 love is love but jail is jail

  39. – Runa Yomozuki;

    – Runa Yomozuki;Month ago

    13:58 how is the name of this meme?

  40. シE q u a n i m o u x

    シE q u a n i m o u x29 days ago

    The song is Can't explain by Colt Fingaz

  41. TheBeatlesxx

    TheBeatlesxxMonth ago

    DONT KEEP READING warned you

  42. MeowKie_

    MeowKie_Month ago


  43. rui

    ruiMonth ago

    14:33 (this is for me)

  44. Stephen Laurent

    Stephen LaurentMonth ago

    26:35 and whats the meme called-

  45. Abigail Fisher

    Abigail FisherMonth ago

    15:33 but...... but it hurts to watch......

  46. Nevaeha Nieves

    Nevaeha NievesMonth ago

    Official_Rose Official_Rose Official_Rose

  47. •Panpan Chan•

    •Panpan Chan•Month ago

    I want you to sing “my daddy got a gun” lyrics when the other girl arrives so you can hear how pretty your voices are! Also here is the time stamp 2:22

  48. Smile_.0

    Smile_.0Month ago

    2:30 une française !!!! wsh @les.shushis.c.bon.uwu

  49. yes im a girl

    yes im a girlMonth ago

    21:11 why is nobody talking about this one? This is actually so cool

  50. Naomi Pierre

    Naomi PierreMonth ago

    25:35 was the BEST

  51. Khaleel Younis

    Khaleel YounisMonth ago

    3:47 what's the name if the song?

  52. Creepy Susan

    Creepy SusanMonth ago

    Ayano's face is fantastic 😂😂🤩

  53. Creepy Susan

    Creepy SusanMonth ago


  54. 『Just Kwaii-!彡』

    『Just Kwaii-!彡』Month ago

    22:32 what is the song name please say ı realy like the song please 😭😭😭

  55. roberto pomaro

    roberto pomaroMonth ago

    18:12 name song? Plis

  56. ÓlÌvO4Ķa

    ÓlÌvO4ĶaMonth ago

    Can you tell me what the music is called? 👉👈 28:40

  57. Carlisle Kennedy

    Carlisle KennedyMonth ago

    3:54 that just broke my heart :

  58. Lana master

    Lana masterMonth ago

    Lolbit has seen toture From eddievr

  59. Coffee Holics

    Coffee HolicsMonth ago

    2:59 LOL never new anime people had SuCh BiG fEeT :)

  60. [!Sleepy Waffle!]

    [!Sleepy Waffle!]Month ago

    1:19 Is ik ok to be in love with an gacha club oc? :,>

  61. Izuku Bakugo

    Izuku BakugoMonth ago

    Meeeeeee my account is leya_dahouk143

  62. Saw o_0

    Saw o_0Month ago

    26:13 s0ng?

  63. シE q u a n i m o u x

    シE q u a n i m o u x29 days ago

    Lost umbrella

  64. X Sunflower Gal X

    X Sunflower Gal XMonth ago

    6:20 , 14:34 Someone please tell me what these songs are called 😭😭😭😭

  65. Mrs Rogers

    Mrs RogersMonth ago

    this one is sad 3:54

  66. Shanti Hayes

    Shanti HayesMonth ago

    "𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗼𝗻𝗹𝘆 𝗖𝗵𝗶𝗻𝘀𝗲𝘀𝗲 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝗜 𝗸𝗻𝗼𝘄 𝗶𝘀 𝗕𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗕𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗖𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗖𝗵𝗼𝗻𝗴" 2:17

  67. totoroki

    totorokiMonth ago

    14:32 dadadadada da da love you i think

  68. Sulit Sulitin

    Sulit SulitinMonth ago

    22:04 Legit me and my best friend fighting over a French fry

  69. Gamer Dude

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    Gamer DudeMonth ago

    Nvm I guess

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    Ok nvm

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    Can someone chat if Someone is please I want to know if if someone is here Ok I want to say hi to you if you here ok so chat like hi and I will say hi to you sook

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    Did someone chat

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    Um hi

  78. Mah Krugerr

    Mah KrugerrMonth ago

    21:41 MUSIC?

  79. シE q u a n i m o u x

    シE q u a n i m o u x29 days ago

    @Mah Krugerr No problem! ^^

  80. Mah Krugerr

    Mah Krugerr29 days ago

    @シE q u a n i m o u x thank you!

  81. シE q u a n i m o u x

    シE q u a n i m o u x29 days ago

    Can't explain by Colt Fingaz

  82. Alondra piggy and adopt me

    Alondra piggy and adopt meMonth ago

    18:37 what was that song plis tel me

  83. Lu uwu

    Lu uwuMonth ago

    Ignorenme pero yo amo esta parte 17:37

  84. Hassanah Ramsey-Gilbert

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  85. K.R.T

    K.R.TMonth ago

    Mothers are crying for their kids and kids are doing and that’s not fair we need our world to change I agree to this video

  86. Stephanie Juarez

    Stephanie JuarezMonth ago

    B-but t-the e-Elsa o-one

  87. Edineia Paula

    Edineia PaulaMonth ago

    i like you wow good

  88. Claudia Villa

    Claudia VillaMonth ago

    12:55 whats that son pls tell me

  89. シE q u a n i m o u x

    シE q u a n i m o u x29 days ago

    You can search up Paparara

  90. Stephanie Juarez

    Stephanie JuarezMonth ago


  91. Frogish

    FrogishMonth ago

    23:35 but I like that outfit :,)

  92. 【Lil Donut 】

    【Lil Donut 】Month ago

    25:47 :0000 TBHK!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  93. Ray

    RayMonth ago

    5:56 so nobody's gonna talk about how he kissed a kid- ok

  94. Just Hana :V

    Just Hana :VMonth ago


  95. Ceylin Önder

    Ceylin ÖnderMonth ago

    If you make the video full screen, there is an anime girl at the bottom right, I wonder if anyone knows her name??

  96. LazyBug

    LazyBugMonth ago

    4:57 is just..... I have a dirty mind apparently. That made me think,”I THOUGHT I WAS CHRISTIAN!”

  97. Anita Lelic

    Anita LelicMonth ago

    25:45 Toilette bound :3

  98. _samotny_ brocoli_

    _samotny_ brocoli_Month ago

    11:08 How he-? He paint his hair soo?

  99. Gab De

    Gab DeMonth ago

    24:46 *friday night funk in* 1:15

  100. {WøłfÿÇłáŕå} ÙwÚ

    {WøłfÿÇłáŕå} ÙwÚMonth ago

    I need 18:56 music please

  101. Sea&Sky

    Sea&SkyMonth ago

    23:53 As soon as i saw this I was like ✨T-Gotchi✨

  102. Lilith Laurendeau

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  104. The Cooow

    The CooowMonth ago

    31:13 what just happened?

  105. nicholeplayzr1

    nicholeplayzr1Month ago

    20:57 Name of song?

  106. Oh look a fat cat

    Oh look a fat catMonth ago

    Ignore me- 14:34

  107. Riley Fujisaki

    Riley FujisakiMonth ago

    I'm just tryna find the name at 14:37 lmao

  108. {Your_LittleBean}

    {Your_LittleBean}Month ago

    I just noticed that they were playing “My daddies got a gun” in guitar.

  109. GachaBish

    GachaBishMonth ago

    Police: Lying about your age in any game is illegal Almost everyone: Well guess I'm a criminal😅

  110. Bingus

    BingusMonth ago

    21:25 Does anyone know the song?

  111. Bingus

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  112. •Socially Awkward•

    •Socially Awkward•Month ago

    12:11 I'm confused, no hate to the creator I just don't get the metaphor. It's really well made ( • ∀•) > ❣️

  113. シE q u a n i m o u x

    シE q u a n i m o u x29 days ago

    @•Socially Awkward• ^^

  114. •Socially Awkward•

    •Socially Awkward•29 days ago

    @シE q u a n i m o u x Ohh okay ty

  115. シE q u a n i m o u x

    シE q u a n i m o u x29 days ago

    I don't know for sure either but I'm guessing he wears the glasses so he doesn't have to see the world and how cruel/messed up it is.

  116. Minato Lemon

    Minato LemonMonth ago

    Whats the song of 1:27 can someone please tell me

  117. シE q u a n i m o u x

    シE q u a n i m o u x29 days ago

    Lost umbrella

  118. ꧁Srta. Vinaシ꧂

    ꧁Srta. Vinaシ꧂Month ago

    13 :18 q musica é essa






    Oh wait it's not to bad